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E-learning Strategy 2016 – 2020

This E-learning Strategy 2016 – 2020 has been developed by the E-learning Unit in collaboration with staff and students at Queen Mary University of London. The central aim of the strategy is to build on our existing strengths to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience at QMUL. The objectives seek to broaden the ways e-learning may be used, ensure that students have an effective and consistent online learning experience and to enable an informed, digitally literate staff with appropriate development opportunities and smart tools. This strategy does not currently address QMUL’s ability to scale-up its wholly online provision.

This strategy should be read in the context of the institution’s Strategic Plan[1] and the Student Experience, Teaching, Learning & Assessment (SETLA) Strategy[2].

The value of E-learning at QMUL

E-learning can be defined as ‘learning facilitated through technology’. At Queen Mary, that technology might include centrally or locally supported software such as QMplus (the Online learning environment), QMplus Hub (e-portfolios) or Q-Review (lecture capture) or apps on a mobile phone. It might also include other software and tools more widely available or specific to a particular discipline.

For our students

  • E-learning complements and sometimes facilitates but does not replace personal contact between students and teachers;
  • E-learning provides opportunities to develop the skills they require to realise their potential in the digital age;
  • E-learning can enable our students to fit their learning into their lives more effectively than traditional approaches;
  • E-learning offers opportunities for those studying in other countries to have a QMUL learning experience;
  • It can provide fair and equal access to learning to all students.

For our staff

  • E-learning extends the physical classroom to enable teachers to augment the face-to-face components of their programmes;
  • E-learning can provide opportunities for staff to enhance their teaching practice by focussing on the design, communication and facilitation of educational experiences;
  • E-learning is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach – we accept that students learn in different ways and that staff have different approaches to teaching students. A diversity of online teaching approaches is encouraged;
  • We recognise that to design and implement those approaches requires skilled and informed staff;


  • E-learning can provide rich data on activity which can be used to guide students on a personalised journey and keep staff and faculty well-informed.
  • A strategically aligned E-learning provision can enable delivery of aspects of the central college strategy.
  • Effective E-learning helps to ensure QMUL delivers World class teaching and learning and meets high student expectations.

by 2020 we will…


[1] Strategy 2014 – the next five years – QMUL Strategic plan

[2] Student Experience, Teaching, Learning & Assessment (SETLA) Strategy

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