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ABC Learning Design

Learning design module storyboard

During the 2018/19 academic year, we ran a pilot introducing ABC Learning Design into our staff development programme. We have been using components of the approach successfully with staff undertaking the PGCAP programme and we wanted to try introducing it to more staff.

The heart of the ABC Learning Design approach comprises attending a 90 minute workshop in which course content is ‘storyboarded’ to sequence blended content and learning activities relative to the course’s learning outcomes. The outcome of the workshop is a skeleton course design and structure that can be used as the basis for creating a new module or transforming your existing module.

Things that we achieved during our 2018/19 pilot year:

  • We ran several ABC Learning Design workshops – we ended up running workshops in slightly different formats to the standard ABC Learning Design workshop. Feedback from staff who took part was broadly positive.
  • We found that it was useful to have a number of different viewpoints available in a workshop. Although generally facilitated by members of the E-Learning Unit, it was also beneficial to have staff from our Educational Development or Learning Development teams to provide expert advice.
  • We have started to localise the ABC Learning Design resources to make them more relevant to QMUL. The resources are licensed under a Creative Commons license and therefore can be changed to suit local needs.
  • We developed an ABC Learning Design technology wheel activity and associated resources to introduce people to the concepts of ABC without having to take part in a full 90 minute workshop.

As a result, ABC Learning Design is now part of our standard offering and we hope to develop it further.

You will find more information on the approach including links to the resources on our ABC Learning Design page in the Enhancing your teaching section of our website.

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