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Assessment Information Block versus Tab

24 October 2019 Posted in: Announcements, Articles By: Alysa Bramble

Currently we have 3 Assessment Information (AI) features in QMplus:

  1. A javascript version (the oldest form of AI)
  2. The Assessment Information tab (developed by our third party partner Synergy)
  3. The Assessment Information block developed internally, which is now convertible to Tab format

We are keen to maintain one version only – the 3rd option above, the Assessment Information internally developed block.


The reasons for moving 

  • The Synergy AI tab has some bugs that have proved difficult to fix. It also only shows active assignments whereas the Assessment Information block shows all types of assessment regardless of their status.
  • The Javascript version of AI is not user friendly and has the ability to break the course page if the code does not work.

For now, both the JS version and the Synergy Tab will co-exist with the AI block but we are keen to phase the former two out. No precise timescale exists and there is some outstanding work needed on the AI block. Current reports show that usage of the Synergy Tab is now less than the AI block so some movement has been achieved since the last time we ran the report about 12 months ago when the reverse was true.


Features of the Assessment Information Block

The Assessment Information Block in QMplus has been created by our in house QMUL developers and we are therefore able to continue to support and develop it. The block has several features already available and we will continue to add more functionality in upcoming versions.

Once added to your QMplus page, the Assessment Information Block

  1. Automatically pulls any assessed activities (e.g. assignments or quizzes) to the block, and the top of the QMplus page  (it mirrors the original activity).
  2. Can be set so that activities are hidden within the block, but visible within the course page. By default if you hide an activity within the course page, it will become invisible within the block.
  3. Can be tailored so you can move activities around within the block by dragging and dropping them (e.g. if you want activities to appear first, then you can drag and drop them to the top of the block).
  4. Allows teachers to add extra sections and text above and/or below the assessment (to give more information)
  5. Can be converted into a Tab


Future development of the AI block (tab). We introduced some developments to the student facing interface in July/Sept this year and have some pending features for Teachers.

These are still subject to debate but will be confirmed in the near future (via the next LTG meeting amongst other channels) with a view to implementation in January 2020 or later in the year.

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