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Changes to video assignments

14 October 2019 Posted in: Announcements, News By: Gill Ritchie

Making a video with a phoneWe have an increasing number of staff getting students to submit videos for assessment. During the QMplus upgrade over the summer, we changed the way this works in QMplus. If you used video assignments in the past, you need to be aware of how things have changed. If you’ve never tried a video assignment, maybe you’d like to find out how easy it is?

What have we changed?

Previously, if you wanted students to submit a video assignment, you had to add a special video assignment activity in your QMplus area. We have now removed this dedicated video assignment activity and videos can be submitted through a standard QMplus assignment activity.

Videos aren’t submitted by uploading a video file for the assignment. Students still have to upload their videos to QMplus Media first, but now they just click the QMplus Media icon when they are submitting their assignment, and choose the video they want to submit.

Why did we change it?

In using the special video assignment we found that:

  • There were features missing from the standard assignment settings, like the ability to set a cut off date.
  • Standard grading tools such as grading forms, rubrics and feedback files could not be used with the video assignment
  • The video assignment grades were not picked up by Gradeplus.

In allowing videos to be submitted through the standard QMplus assignment activity, this means that staff have access to all the same features they are used to for any assignment and students are able to find their grades and feedback in a consistent way.

It is also now possible to allow for more complicated cases such as allowing a report to be submitted at the same time as the video, and putting the report through Turnitin if required.

Find out more

We have updated the guides on our website and you can find out more:

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