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QMplus March 2016 Release

23 March 2016 07.00am

On Tuesday, 22nd March 2016, between 7am-9am, we will be making some updates to QMplus. These updates will fix outstanding issues as well as release new functionality to QMplus.


Here are some of the items that are being planned for this release:


  • Grades Plus: We plan to release a limited pilot version of our new ‘Grades Plus’ functionality – this feature allows students to be able to see their progress compared with the rest of their cohort via graphs and histograms. This feature will be piloted by SBCS, Maths and Blizzard. Please read our Gradeplus post or contact us at if you would like further information.
  • Anonymous Assignment Submission Downloads: Staff will now be able to download students assignment submissions in a ‘semi-anonymous’ format. An additional option will be available to ‘Download all submissions (with username and ID)’ – this option will remove the students names from the downloaded files names and replace their name with their username and student IDs. This will allow staff to be able to download assignments with some anonymity but also be able to locate a specific students submission in exceptional circumstances.
  • News/Announcement forum: In the January QMplus update, we added a feature to truncate the news announcement messages on the course homepage. We will be adding an option for staff to choose not to truncate these messages.
  • Rollover enhancements: based on feedback from our administrators, we have made improvements to the Bulk Rollover feature that was introduced to administrators in summer 2015. These include changes to the ‘select all/select none’ functionality (to allow users to retain sub-section options) as well as allowing users the ability to easily identify which courses have already been rolled over via the bulk rollover screen.
  • Freeze gradebook column: It will be possible to freeze the first few columns while in editing mode, a feature that was not previously working as expected.
  • URL default: When adding a URL link to your QMplus course area, the default will be changed so that the link opens in a new tab by default.
  • Module Dashboard: This block is not working and there will be an update applied in the March release. The block will work, although there are slow loading times reported.
  • Turnitin Version 2: Turnitin Version 2 will not be enabled in the March release. Further testing will take place and this plugin will be released prior to the summer upgrade, date to be announced soon.
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