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Coronavirus Help: Remote Teaching Technologies at QMUL

12 April 2020 Posted in: Announcements, News By: E-Learning Unit

We are now in the position where all face-to-face teaching at QMUL has stopped and staff are working remotely. In this post we outline a few ways in which the technologies we have at QMUL can be used for remote teaching and learning. We also outline ways in which staff can get support in this extraordinary time.

Getting started with remote teaching

QMplus – QMUL’s online learning environment (based on Moodle)

The vast majority of taught modules at QMUL make use of QMplus. You will probably already be making use of QMplus to communicate and share resources with students. It is also quite likely you are already using QMplus for assessment and feedback. Features that you are likely to find useful at this time are:

  • Using forums for communication
  • Using online assignment submission and feedback tools for providing feedback on work… …including audio and video feedback

Learn more:

Blackboard Collaborate – real-time video conferencing

Blackboard Collaborate is useful for:

  • Real-time video conferencing (virtual classrooms) for up to 250 participants
  • Connecting with students using audio and video
  • File sharing (real-time)
  • Screen-sharing
  • Online chat
  • Using a virtual whiteboard

Blackboard Collaborate requires set up in QMplus, but once set up it is possible to give access to people who do not have QMplus accounts. Participants will need to have a stable broadband connection and modern internet browser.

Note: Blackboard Collaborate is appropriate for up to 250 participants.

Learn more:

Q-Review – QMUL’s lecture capture and video recording system (based on Echo360)

Q-Review is useful for:

  • Recording and sharing lecture recordings
  • Embedding links to recordings on webpages or in QMplus
  • Using previous years’ recordings where this years’ recordings are not available
  • Recording yourself using the Universal Capture software which will then be automatically added to your Q-Review lecture recordings library and will look similar to those recordings.
  • Easier downloading of videos for offline viewing

Should there be Q-Review lecture recordings from previous years, then these can be published to the current cohort of students, providing the owner of the recording has given their express permission in writing for them to be used.

Learn more:

Recording with Universal Capture

If you do not have access or permission to use previous years’ lecture recordings, you can make your own recording using Q-Review’s Universal Capture. This allows you to

  • Record anything being displayed on your computer screen, audio and a webcam…or any combination of these.
  • Publish recordings to the same online course area as your other Q-Review lecture recordings
  • Paste a link to the published recording onto a website or blog

The recording from Universal Capture will look similar to other Q-Review lecture recordings and will be automatically added to your library of lecture recordings.

Note: Requires admin rights to download and install the Universal Capture software onto your computer or laptop in order to use Universal Capture. If you are unable to download and install Universal Capture you could try using QMplus Media to make a recording instead. See below.

QMplus Media and Kaltura Capture – video streaming and recording system (Based on Kaltura)

QMplus Media and Kaltura Capture is useful for:

  • Uploading and streaming videos via QMplus, these can be existing videos or ones that you create
  • Making recordings of your computer screen, web cam and audio
  • Recording short snippets of feedback or an entire presentation
  • Enabling the delivery of multimedia content to those with limited bandwidth
  • Allowing students to make recordings and upload to QMplus Media
  • Using the mobile app to make recordings
  • If you do not have admin rights to your machine and you are unable to download and install Q-Review’s Universal Capture

QMplus Media, provides a variety of useful ways to use video in teaching.

  • Download Kaltura Capture from QMplus Media (no admin rights required) to make recordings of your computer screen, web cam and audio. You can use it to record short snippets of feedback for your students or to record an entire presentation. Once recorded, you can easily upload the recording and embed it into your QMplus area.
  • Students can upload and share videos too. You can also allow them to submit videos for assessment via a standard QMplus assignment

Learn more:

There is also an app which makes it easy to record videos on mobile devices and upload them to QMplus Media.

Note: Recordings made via Kaltura Capture are available automatically via QMplus Media.

Learn more:

Moodle Mobile app

Moodle’s Mobile app is useful for:

  • If your students have access to download the Moodle Mobile App, then this is a good way for them to have quick access to QMplus online learning content.
  • Downloading content so that students can view the material offline and students can receive notifications in the app.

Learn more:

Advice on assessment

If you would like advice from the QM Academy on a specific pedagogic issue related to assessment (rather than technical or practical support) please fill in your details here:

Make a recording using PowerPoint

All staff and students at QMUL have access to Microsoft PowerPoint via our institutional Office 365 license. One of the easiest ways to create a video presentation is to record in PowerPoint itself. This allows you to record:

  • Your voice, and optionally a webcam
  • Slide animations and transitions
  • Annotations made with the tools in PowerPoint

After you have completed the recording, you can save the file as a video file and then upload it to QMplus Media, our media server.

Learn more

Online E-Learning training sessions

The E-Learning Unit are running online training sessions for staff to need help to get help with teaching remotely. These sessions are designed to show you the most commonly used functions of the tools, explore how you can use them with students, give you some hands-on practice and have your questions answered, supported by guidance documentation.

Below is the current timetable, although additional sessions will be added based on demand. If there’s something you’d like us to run a session on…get in touch on

All sessions will be delivered online – a link to all sessions can be found in the respective course description on the course booking system. Please book on to the course if you wish to attend – a link to the course booking system can be found below (you can find the session by searching for the session name in the ‘title’ search box’).

Introduction to ABC Learning Design

This session will introduce you to the fundamental concepts of ABC Learning Design which will provide you with a basis to start thinking about how technology can be used in delivering your teaching, either blended or fully online.

This is part of a wider initiative around curriculum development being run with the QM Academy.

  • Wednesday 3 June – 2-3pm
  • Wednesday 10 June – 2-3pm
  • Wednesday 17 June – 2-3pm
  • Wednesday 24 June – 2-3pm

Getting Started with QMplus

The beginners session on QMplus to learn what QMplus is and its main features –

  • Thursday 28 May – 2-3pm
  • Wednesday 3 June – 2-3pm
  • Tuesday 9 June – 2-3pm
  • Monday 15 June – 2-3pm
  • Thursday 25 June – 2-3pm

Run webinars with Blackboard Collaborate

Get an overview of Blackboard Collaborate functionality, sharing content on-screen and effective use with students

  • Thursday 28 May – 2-3pm
  • Monday 1 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 4 June – 11-12noon
  • Monday 8 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 11 June – 11-12noon
  • Monday 15 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 18 June – 11-12noon
  • Monday 22 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 25 June – 11-12noon

QMplus Assignments

Get an overview of QMplus Essay Submission and Marking process.

  • Tuesday 2 June – 11-12noon
  • Wednesday 10 June – 2-3pm
  • Tuesday 16 June – 11-12noon
  • Wednesday 24 June 2-3pm

QMplus Quizzes

This one hour session will help you set up a Quiz and questions sets in QMplus.

  • Thursday 28 May -11-12noon
  • Tuesday 2 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 4 June – 11-12noon
  • Tuesday 9 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 11 June – 11-12noon
  • Tuesday 16 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 18 June – 11-12noon
  • Tuesday 23 June – 3-4pm
  • Thursday 25 June – 11-12noon

** Find more details on these sessions or sign up on our course booking page  **

Online Assessment using WiseFlow

Our digital exams and assessment project (DEAP) has been piloting the use of a system called WiseFlow, in particular for high stakes summative assessment. In this session, we’ll be looking at what functionality WiseFlow offers and how it differs from our online learning environment, QMplus.

  • No sessions currently planned

QMplus Media

Overview of recording audio and video, plus uploading to QMplus Media (also known as Kaltura)

  • No sessions currently planned


Sharing recordings from previous years, how to embed & see student engagement

  • No sessions currently planned

Learning Materials and Digital Accessibility

In order to comply with the accessibility legislation, we need to make sure that all our teaching materials on QMplus are fully accessible. To assist our colleagues in making their content accessible we have created a QMplus area which a suite of resources along to assist you in making your teaching materials more accessible.

  • No sessions currently planned

Interactivity in Online Teaching

How to enhance active learning in synchronous and asynchronous teaching session (run by the QM Academy)

  • Wednesday 3 June – 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 10 June – 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 17 June – 3-4pm
  • Wednesday 24 June – 3-4pm

** Find more details on this session or sign up on our course booking page  **

Materials from Interactivity in webinars session held on 26th March:

Interactive teaching guidance from QM Academy:

Drop-In Sessions

The E-Learning drop-in sessions run every Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1-2pm – please login to QMplus, click on ‘online drop-in’ and ‘join session’, between 1-2pm. Further drop-ins will be advertised on a weekly basis.

Please access the online drop-in sessions here:

Other Useful Resources

Learning from our Trans National Education

Pedagogic considerations in moving content online (prepared by QMES staff Gabriel Cavalli and Matt Potter)

QMUL workshop presentations

Useful blogs and advice


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