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Commonly Asked Support Questions

28 September 2018 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on the Helpdesk during the last month.

Question 1: My students cannot see their course on QMplus. Can you help? 

Answer 1: Yes, we can. There maybe a number of reasons as to why they cannot see the course, please check and ensure the following:

  • the student has fully registered for their course on MySIS
  • the course id number for the course is correct and follows the format ‘HST101-A18’ (course code followed by the semester and year) with no spaces
  • the course has been made visible to students

If your students still cannot see the course after making the above checks then please raise a ticket.

Question 2: My q-review recordings appear to be linked to the 2017 recordings, how do I link it to this year’s recordings? 

Answer 2: To link it to 2018 recordings, please take a look at the guide here which provides instructions on how to link it to the correct section after the rollover.

Question 3: I have a number of empty sections on my course. Can I remove them? 

Answer 3: Yes, all teachers and course admins have now been given the rights to delete empty sections in bulk. Visit the guide here for more information.

Question 4: I am the new teacher for the course ‘LAWXXX’ can you please give me access to my course?

Answer 4: You will need to contact your School Administrator who will be able to give you access to all the course you teach/administer. Click here to view their contact details.

Question 5: I am a new member of staff and I will be teaching some of the courses for my School. Would it be possible for me to have access to last years archive course?

Answer 5: Yes, we can provide you access to the archive site, please raise a ticket with us via the HelpDesk. Once you have access to the archive site, please contact your School Administrator who can give you access to your course areas.

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