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Commonly Asked Support Questions

31 October 2018 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on the Helpdesk during the last month.

Question 1: I am receiving email notifications from a number of modules which I do not teach/administer. Can you remove my access from these modules please?

Answer 1: Yes, we can. We are currently working towards resolving each case and most have been resolved. If you are still experiencing the issue then please contact HelpDesk.

Question 2: I am trying to preview my students attempt at a quiz and I keep getting an error message. Can you help?

Answer 2: Yes, this issue has now been resolved and you should now be able to preview students quiz attempts. If you are still experiencing the issue, then please let us know by raising a ticket.

Question 3: Can I be given access to all my modules please. 

Answer 3: Yes, you can but you will need to contact your School Administrator who will be able to give you access to all the course you teach/administer. Click here to view their contact details.

Question 4: I will be teaching some new modules next semester and I require a new course area for each. Can you create them for me?

Answer 4: Your School Administrator has the privileges to create the course areas so please forward this request onto them. However, if your School does not have an appointed School Administrator, then contact us by raising a ticket.

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