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Commonly Asked Support Questions

31 January 2019 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Rume Begum

Here are the questions that were most commonly asked on The Helpdesk during the past month.

Question 1: My course is showing last year’s recording, how can I update the link? 

Answer 1: You will need to delete the Q-Review link from the course area and create a new link, for the new recordings to populate. A new link can be added by following the steps in this guide here.

Please do not ‘reset LMS link’ or ‘unlink LMS course’ (as shown in the top left of the first screenshot), as this will unlink both this year’s recordings and those in the archive too.

Question 2: My students have submitted their assignment but I cannot see the originality score as there is a Turnitin error. What should I do?

Answer 2: We would advise that you raise a ticket with The Helpdesk so that we can take a look at the issue and advise you based on the error.

Please note: We are aware of the ongoing issues with Turnitin submissions and are currently trying to resolve it through Turnitin’s technical support team.

Question 3: There is a student on my course that should no longer have access to the course. How can I remove his access?

Answer 3: We would advise that you first check how the student has been given access to your course via the enrolled users screen. If the student has been manually enrolled on your course then you can un-enrol them from your course.  To do this, you will need to find the account, select the account and then click on the delete icon to remove his access.

However, if the student has been enrolled on the course via the external database this means they have been enrolled on the course via SITS. So, the student will need to be un-enrolled from the course on SITS which will then be reflected on the QMplus course.

If this does not remove the student’s enrolment then raise a ticket with the SITS team who can take a look into the issue.

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