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Community of Practice Event – 5 June 2024

25 June 2024 Posted in: Articles Tagged: , By: Zaheer Daleel

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On Wednesday 5th June, TELT hosted their annual Technology Enhanced Learning Community of Practice event, with the theme of; Empowering Minds: Student-Centred Approaches in Digital Education’.  The event was attended by 110 staff and students in the Mile End Campus (and online). The focus was on the co-creation and development of using teaching and learning systems by academics and learning technologists, while also collaborating with students.
Six presentations were delivered highlighting enhanced practices, with the use of TELT-supported platforms, which have a successful impact on engagement and learner experience. The design and development of content, with the student voice embedded, were considered and discussed throughout. The event incorporated opportunities for networking and for attendees to meet with the TEL Team to further explore learning technologies and their respective impact.

Event Speakers and Presentations
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Viktoriia Sereda presented on how QMplus courses can be more inclusively designed with a focus on neurodivergent students. Viktoriia highlighted the role that captioning tools can play, particularly for those with an Auditory Processing Disorder. Following this was a focus on recommended methods to improve digital accessibility content and outcomes. This included improving the formatting of materials, removing inconsistent designs, and simplifying content.

This year’s TELT Student Ambassadors demonstrated how they redesigned induction activities to be student-friendly, and the delivery of sessions to better support the functionality provided by TELT-supported platforms. This collaboration resulted in better engagement with students, improved student handbooks, increased social media output via Instagram, a QMplus induction course, and student drop-ins, all resulting in a smoother digital learning journey for students.

HSS Digital Learning Manager, Richard Chantler, then discussed the importance of ‘Embedding the student voice into the curricula.’ Richard accentuated multiple existing feedback opportunities we can delve into to better understand student experiences. This included education and student-voice committees, NSS feedback, course reps, module evaluations and bespoke focus groups. Richard then laid out several avenues to better understand and meet our students’ needs, before highlighting key feedback gathered by student digital champions.

From the faculty of Science and Engineering, and back by popular demand, Stephen Buckingham gave an interactive presentation on engaging students in the classroom via the use of Mentimeter (presentation and feedback platform). Stephen demonstrated how engaging students for curriculum delivery has a successful impact on the learning experience and showcased why it’s important to diversify questions to increase participation.

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Elham Rezasoltani, lecturer in Mathematics, highlighted methods for ‘Bridging the gap between Math, Physics, Chemistry through an online module.’ Elham discussed the challenge of applying mathematical concepts to discipline-specific problems and how continuation rates are hindered. An online ‘bridge’ module, hosted on QMplus, was then displayed which has incorporated student-influenced feedback, design and needs analysis.

Representing the FMD AI Working Group, Cat Mclean and Paula Funnell, demonstrated an award-winning online module that addresses the ever-changing and fast-paced nature of AI-infused tools. It serves to support and guide students and teachers along their AI journey and focusses on using AI in education. This funded project has received engagement with 4000+ students and the group will continue to promote and develop associated materials to ensure there is continuous awareness and knowledge of AI-use in education.

Technology Enhanced Learning Interaction Zones
The ‘interactive zones’ allowed discussion, raised curiosity and questions on using tools for effective teaching and learning practices. These Zones included: COP article zones
– Brickfield Accessibility Tool
– H5P (Interactive Resources and Assessment)
– QMplus Media (Kaltura Video)
– Mentimeter (Presentation and Feedback)
– QMplus Assessment
– QMplus Mobile App
– Reading Lists Online
– LinkedIn Learning

The zones allowed attendees to meet TELT-leads for each platform and learn of the objectives and goals to improve and enhance platform usability. QMA and Library Services highlighted LinkedIn Learning and Reading Lists to improve usability and develop a seamless experience for student accessibility.
These invaluable networking opportunities to meet and collaborate with existing and new colleagues were received very well. It was also an opportunity to ask questions and understand the roadmaps for the functionality of the platforms, listen to the requirements of end-users, and ensure our technologies continue to support and meet the needs of teaching and learning practices.

Guest attendee quotes included: COP article zones 2

It is fantastic to be an integral part of such a vibrant and collaborative community. Thank you once again for your gracious hospitality and for giving me the chance to contribute to the success of the TEL CoP.  – Stephen Buckingham

Congrats on a hugely successful CoP yesterday! There was lots of discussion after the event and it was a good turnout. – Richard Chantler

A huge thank you for the professional CPD, the amazing food and the wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm from all of TELT.  – Susan Smith

Thank you, TEL Team, it was a really interesting afternoon and lots to be excited about going forwards! - Libby Thomas

Congratulations Technology Enhanced Learning Team! It was a great event! – Malgo Miranowicz

In case you missed it or want to recap, we have compiled the following event resources: 

  • Event recording
  • Presentation slides and related links to further information
  • Event Images
  • Feedback opportunities

Access all the event resources on the dedicated SharePoint page.
The associated CoP Teams Site has 400+ members, including conversations and interactions between students, academics, and professional services staff, representing all schools and faculties across the University. If you are yet to join and would like to be a member, please follow this link and share within your networks:
Technology Enhanced Community of Practice | General | Microsoft Teams

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