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From Orphans to Stealth

28 August 2018 Posted in: Articles By: Rose Heaney

As a result of the introduction of Stealth Mode and the removal of Number of sections in Course Settings in the latest version of Moodle 3.3 / 3.4 on which QMplus 2018 is based, we have had to take some steps to modify how existing courses with orphaned sections behave.

Where orphaned sections generated by a plugin such as Assessment Information or other types of manually created orphaned sections, appear in a course, they will be hidden and all activities within them switched to Stealth. Initially they will retain their original section numbers e.g. Section 52 etc. However after the course is refreshed, they are renumbered to follow the last normal section. Once this initial renumbering takes place, any new section will appear below the original orphaned section. Further, any new activity generated by the Assessment Information plugin will appear in a new Section 52 which will subsequently be renumbered as described above. None of this affects what the student sees – all normal sections will appear in the correct order and sections with Stealth activities will not be visible.

In a later release we will aim for a more elegant solution, including how the Assessment Information block names the section(s) it creates.

In the mean time, to learn how to keep track of Section 52 associated with Assessment Information Block and keep your course area tidy, please click here.

N.B. The above does not appy to sub pages. Please read Changes in Moodle 3.4 (QMplus from July 2018) affecting sub pages

Related issue with unwanted empty sections.

As a result of the way orphaned sections are now handled, there are some circumstances e.g. backup and restore of a course with a section 52, where you may find that unwanted empty sections appear in a course between the last normal section and the orphaned section. If this happens, a ‘Delete empty sections’ option is available (as of September 4th release) for course administrators to bulk delete sections. (This will also be useful if a large number of sections are added accidentally.) Note: This option is only visible when editing is switched on.

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