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Let’s Meet … Gaetano Dimita (Centre for Commercial Law Studies)

13 June 2022 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Technology Enhanced Learning Team


My name is Gaetano Dimita and I have been teaching in the School of Law and overseeing eLearning since 2010. In my current role as Deputy Director of Education and Director of eLearning, I manage the development and improvement of digital learning and teaching. During the pandemic, I supported the migration to online learning, QMplus template design, and the exploration of online pedagogies, many of which are still in use in our school today. I was also involved in the upgrade of teaching spaces for mixed-mode deliver at the Lincoln’s Inn Fields campus.

Projects I am currently working

I am currently working with colleagues to identify effective online and mixed-mode practices to retain from our experiences from the pandemic. These include asynchronous learning strategies such as flipping lectures and the gamification of learning in our post-graduate programs. I am also exploring peer assessment and review strategies through QMplus as well as the use of video to support teaching and learning across the 350+ modules we deliver in the School of Law.

What I enjoy doing

I am a huge video game enthusiast and have been playing World of Warcraft for 18 years. I also have a love for role playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

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