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E-Learning Newsletter – November 2013

15 November 2013 Posted in: Articles Tagged: By: Manoj Singh

Dear Colleague,

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Who are the E-Learning Unit?

The E-Learning Unit has been through a number of staff changes over the past year, with new members joining, some leaving, and others changing roles. We thought it would be helpful to let you know just who’s who within the team, what we all do, and more importantly why you might get in touch with any one of us.

More information can be seen on the ELU website.

Seminar for Departmental Administrators

The E-Learning Unit is running a QMplus seminar for school administrators on 29th November 2013 from 14:00 – 16:00 in Geog 1.26. We are inviting some key departmental E-Learning contacts who will share their experience with others on work they have done to enhance/improve administrative tasks. The presenters will give a short presentation/demo of a tool they have either developed or have been using to do some exciting and interesting things in QMplus. This session is designed for staff members who perform administrative tasks and look after the QMplus courses within their department. The aim of this session is to share some interesting and effective ways of carrying out collaboration, communication and dissemination tasks in QMplus, thus enabling and empowering attendees to apply these good practices within their own departments and in future devise their own innovative solutions.

More information can be seen on the ELU website or if you wish to attend this session then directly go to Eventbrite and register.

Upcoming E-learning Unit Courses

The 2013/14 schedule of courses from the E-Learning Development Programme is available on our course booking website. This year there are plenty of opportunities for new starters as well as a wider programme of training for those keen to enhance their teaching with technology. You’ll be able to see the full list of courses we’re offering during 2013/14 by visiting our course booking site and selecting the date range that you are interested in, so you can start planning your professional development.

Over the next month, the e-learning unit has the following opportunities for you to develop your skills in e-learning. What would you like to learn more about? If you don’t see a course listed that covers what you want to know, click here and leave a comment at the end of the page or email:

Read more about these courses on the ELU website or by clicking on the titles above to see more about a specific course.

The Turnitin iPad App

Many staff at the College make use of the Turnitin plagiarism detection software. This tool is easily accessed through QMplus, where online assignments can be linked to the Turnitin service. Students submit their assignments on QMplus and they are automatically sent to Turnitin to be checked. A feature of Turnitin which has been available for some time is the GradeMark online marking tool which allows staff to leave comments, including voice comments, directly on student submissions which students can then access online.

Earlier this year Turnitin released an app for the iPad which allows users to access the online marking features of GradeMark with the added bonus of allowing for offline marking. Staff can download their student assignments onto their iPads and then mark them wherever they go without having to be online. When connected again, the app will upload all feedback and grades.
QMUL staff can now make use of this iPad app, along with the recently released new “Turnitin Assignment” activity on QMplus to have a flexible paperless assignment process allowing them to provide rich feedback to students on their work.

More information about these updates along with links to new user guides can be seen on the ELU website.

Staff Drop-in Sessions

The E-Learning Unit will be holding a series of drop-in sessions for staff on Tuesdays and Thursdays (until 12th December) from 12pm-1pm in our E-Learning Studio on the Mile End Campus. These will be in addition to our regular scheduled staff development sessions. The drop-in sessions will be offered weekly and there is no need to register to attend, although registering will help us to better plan for your meeting with us. Please email with any details of which sessions you would like to attend and what you would like help with.

Further details are available on the ELU website

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