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QMplus September 2016 Release (list of items)

06 September 2016 07.00am

Post Upgrade Release – On Tuesday, 6th September 2016, between 7am-9am, we will be making some updates to QMplus. These updates will fix outstanding issues in QMplus.


New QMPLUS Homepage

There will be an updated version of the QMplus homepage, as shown below. For more information on what navigation changes there are and which QMplus features have been highlighted, please click here.

new homepage

Logged out view for new QMplus homepage

New plugins

  1. Sharing Cart – enables sharing of QMplus content (resources, activities) between module areas
  2. Questionnaire – allows you to create surveys
  3. Side bar – Allows users to easily add resources and activities to a side block. sidebar
  4. WileyPlus – This research-based online environment integrates the digital textbook with the most effective instructor and student resources, for effective teaching and learning. (WileyPlus)

Other items to be included in this release

The following are outstanding QMplus issues that were identified during testing for the July upgrade and will be fixed in this release:

  1. Atto text editor. TinyMCE will continue to be the default text editor, but Atto will be available for end users to switch to via the My Preferences > Profile page (22/08/16)
  2. My preferences page. My preferences page to be reinstated on 6th September (22/08/16)
  3. Misalignment of the ‘Edit’ link – the Edit link is not properly aligned within the Topics (QMUL) and Collapsed Topics (QMUL) formats for the course sections and for each resource/activity within sections. (theme). Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  4. ‘Stripy’ course formats – the faculty colour is overlaying the title in the collapsed course format (theme).  Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  5. TII cache currently being displayed in user profile  To be removed on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  6. Assign roles – the dialogue box appears to the far left of the screen (theme).  Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  7. Updates to My Grades – My grades will point to the new Gradesplus screens. My Grades no longer an option, instead user will see ‘Gradesplus’ (22/08/16)
  8. Default timetable view – allow a longer timeframe to be displayed.
  9. Q-Review and Talis and new Media server icons –  new icons to be added on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  10. Module information block – several issues identified with the new block to be resolved (including issues with the email address not appearing immediately). Enhancements to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  11. Moodle mobile app – to be reviewed and a decision to be made on whether to continue to enable the app. Moodle app released and to be reviewed in 2016/17
  12. Module Dashboard – this has been removed due to errors reported. Requires further investigation and a fix for September release. Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  13. Landing Pages – cog to edit is unavailable. Workaround: changing to topics format. Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  14. Messaging options – unavailable via user profile at present. Workaround: Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  15. Missing cog in Topic 0 and landing pages – there is no cog to edit topic 0 when the Topics (QMUL) format is used. Workaround: Users should switch to the ‘Collapsed Topics (Format)’ temporarily.’ Fix to be released on 6th September.  (22/08/16)
  16. Turnitin’s ‘End User License Agreement (EULA)’ – If a student rejects/declines the new Turnitin user agreement, the student’s submission will not be sent to Turnitin and an originality report generated. Should the student then accept the agreement, the report will still not be generated. Workaround – for the student to then accept the UELA and a member of staff needs  to create another assignment for the student to submit to. The originality report will then be generated. Turnitin have issued a fix which will be installed on 6th September.
  17. Collapsed Topics – topic 0 section name being displayed above the category name at the top of the module page (this should be hidden). This is has been fixed and fix will be applied on the 6th September.


Other items raised that will not be included in this release

  1. Course Meta Data block – text is currently being crossed out incorrectly. No fix in place. To be reviewed for future release. 
  2. Enhancements to the look and feel of the Glossary, Quiz and Lesson activities.  No fix in place. To be reviewed for future release. 
  3. Grid Format – topic images are missing. No fix in place. To be reviewed for future release. Workaround: re-add the images from the QMplus gallery.
  4. Sub pages –  a defunct button appears under the ‘sub page’ settings ‘Add Group/Grouping Access Restriction’. No fix in place. To be reviewed for future release. 
  5. Tab Display – to be reviewed and a decision to be made on whether to release this. Not being released in this update. To be styled for next release. (22/08/16)



  1. Some links take users back to the live production site from the archive – still outstanding
  2. Archive theme not displaying throughout the archive – updated
  3. Some staff have been issued a read-only role – this appears when they had a student role on the course. Workaround: is for the student role to be removed.- updated
  4. Grades not displaying in some course areas. – already updated
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