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Case Study Template

  • Your name
  • Other team members involved
  • School / Department
  • Contact email
  • Your interest/subject area
  • URL of course/resource if it is publicly available
  • E-learning area: (e.g. eAssessment or Lecture Capture etc)
  • Non-Technical title of your Case study (such that it conveys the central aspects)
  • A brief summary – approx. 50 words
  • Background & Context – (Describe why you used this method/technique or tool, or what you could not do before? who were the intended beneficiaries?)
  • Methodology (how you used/did it?)
  • Outcomes/Results (what were the results? did you achieve the intended outcomes? student perspective or evaluation)
  • Final word /or What advice would you give to others?/ or Key points for effective practice/ Lesson learnt/ Anything you could not do or the system limited you to achieve your goal?
    (What is the key advice you would give someone who has decided to adapt this method?)
  • Details of support material/ coursework/assessment methods (perhaps attach as a separate file/guides any details that you think would help others; e.g. the detailed instructions you give students)
  • Links to further resources or materials ( published articles / web sites by you or others that describe this method)
  • Video interview and a demo (video) of the work?
  • Suggested tags for this case study (tags enable us to group content in smart ways, tags might include keywords such as e-learning, assessment, student experience, ePortfolios etc)
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