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These tips are designed to draw your attention to useful features of our applications and services that you may not otherwise be aware of. We publish a new tip every week so check back or subscribe to receive them directly. If you have any tips of your own, let us know.

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Adding a social media ‘Like’ rating in QMplus

17 November 2015 Posted in: Tips Tagged: By: Alysa Bramble

Did you know that you could add the popular ‘like’ functionality to your QMplus forums and other activities? Adding this type of feature can help those who don’t want to post a comment such as ‘I agree’, ‘thank you’ or ‘that was useful’ – instead they could simply select the ‘like’ rating. And those who . . . Read the full article

How can I improve my course page’s loading speed?

29 September 2015 Posted in: Tips By: Richard Chantler

With QMplus being accessed over one million times a month, with landing pages and course pages becoming more dynamic in content, it is essential to keep them fast loading – keeping RSS feeds free of images, plus supplementing course content in a course page-friendly file sizes. Please compress images using a website such as . . . Read the full article

Mass actions block

Bulk delete or move items in your QMplus course area

24 September 2015 Posted in: Tips Tagged: By: Gill Ritchie

As you work to get your QMplus course area ready for students you will often find that you need to perform actions on multiple course items at once: Deleting files you no longer need Hiding items you don’t want to be visible but still need Indenting or outdenting items to make the course page easier . . . Read the full article

Create Active Lessons with QMplus ‘Feedback’

22 September 2015 Posted in: Tips By: James Stewart

Typically, the Feedback activity is used for creating short student surveys. Instructors can quickly gather feedback related to lectures or their QMplus course area. While the tool was designed to capture student feedback, it is also ideal for creating short interactive lessons. Feedback lessons are easier to create than Quizzes, and grades are not assigned to . . . Read the full article