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These are our current E-Learning Production Scheme projects. Click on the titles to find out more about them.

How do we prepare access cavities with coronal flare during the root canal preparation?

School: Institute of Dentistry
Academic: Dr Aylin Baysan
Project start date: December 2017
This project involves designing an innovative e-learning resource on different access cavities during the root canal treatment procedure. This learning resource is aimed primarily for Year 3-5. The e-learning guide could also be used at the postgraduate level. The e-learning resource will contain images and videos of each tooth with different shapes of access cavities including the coronal flare preparation during the root canal treatment. These images/videos will be high resolution, taken from various angles and positions. Students will be assessed on different access cavities using various Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and also Short Answer Questions (SAQs) based upon the image that is presented. A 3D view of each tooth with different access cavities could also be included.

SMS QMplus Structure and Landing Page

School: School of Mathematical Sciences
Academic: Cecilia Busuioc; Franco Vivaldi
Project start date: January 2018
This project involves updating the SMS QMplus pages to make them more user-friendly and to reorganise the content in a way that minimises the number of clicks one needs to make to get to the desired destination.

Dynamic student learning interfaces for QM Model elements in Level 4 core course

School: School of Language, Linguistics and Film
Academic: Guy Westwell
Project start date: February 2018
This project involves ensuring that the QMUL Model will be neatly and effectively accommodated within an already extremely successful compulsory/core Level 4 module. Items which need assistance are the building of a self-reporting form and the development of a series of connected resources. The items relate to the integration of QM Model elements related to i) careers planning and ii) writing for publication.

Using quizzes to develop students’ understanding of cohesion, coherence and criticality in academic writing

School: School of Language, Linguistics and Film
Academic: Will Hutton
Project start date: February 2018
This project mainly focuses on the English for General Academic Purposes (EGAP) provision. EGAP provision includes large numbers of non-credit bearing modules on the in-sessional programme as well as core modules for International Foundation Programmes and Pre-masters Programmes. The project will involve creating a bank of quizzes that can be used across this provision on QMplus which focus on building students understanding of cohesion, coherence and criticality in their academic writing.

Supporting students’ learning about diversity issues in healthcare.

School: Institute of Health Sciences and Education (IHSE)
Academic: Dr Riya George & Dr Helen Bintley
Project start date: March 2018
This project intends to create an interactive learning platform which provides a repository of good practice resources and materials to support students’ learning about diversity issues. It will also create an open resource for students and teachers to explore, learn and discuss diversity issues in healthcare and to allow individuals to contribute by sharing interesting resources onto this open learning platform. Lastly, to work collaboratively and gain the perspectives and input of the Student Welfare Team in developing and formulating a repository of teaching resources to support students’ learning about diversity issues in healthcare.

These are our recent E-Learning Production Scheme projects. Click on the titles to find out more about them.

Electronic feedback for quantitative lab practicals

School: IHSE
Contact: Mark Roberts
Start date: April 2017
As part of their degree students undertake lab practicals. Within these they collect data and the subsequently manipulate these data to gain a better understanding and to compare different data types. At present students complete these in a lab book along with some qualitative discussion of the data. Currently this is marked by a demonstrator checking through the calculations and giving the student feedback. This project aims to move the calculations to be electronically marked, giving the student feedback. This will free up demonstrator marking time to give more rich feedback on the short answer questions / written understanding of the work they are completing.

What you need to know if you want a career in law

School: Careers & Enterprise
Contact: Karen Watton
Start date: April 2017
The undergrad law careers page on QMplus will contain an easy-to-navigate curation of content necessary for a basic understanding of the steps to build a career in law. The content will be in various formats including interactive exercises, short videos from employers, recorded workshops, downloadable materials including sample documents, and links to further resources.

‘Year Abroad Experience’ Community – connecting all students on 4-year (with a compulsory Year Abroad) Languages degrees, enabling them to learn how to plan, undertake and review their Year Abroad.

School: SLLF
Contact: Debra Hurcomb
Start date: April 2017
The compulsory Year Abroad (YA) is one of the most anticipated, memorable (and for some, daunting) part of their degree – it impacts on all 400+ students of Languages in SLLF. A new SLLF Year Abroad Community Hub will provide the space we need for a big ‘YA conversation’ between students in 1st to final years across the School, also between students and staff. Connecting students in different years will provide them with important information, insight and know-how, enabling them to make informed decisions and to make the most of their YA experience.

Development of an e-learning resource to teach medical students about informed consent and communication disability

School: Centre for Medical Education, IHSE
Contact: Dr Celia Woolf
Start date: April 2017
This project will produce an interactive multi-media e-learning resource that links to and extends current teaching about communication disability and informed consent for Barts & The London medical students.

Understanding Clinical Governance

School: Institute of Dentistry
Contact: Amitha Ranauta
Start date: April 2017
This project aims to develop an e-learning module which will enable students to consolidate and enhance their understanding of ‘Clinical Governance’. The subject of clinical governance appears currently in various places within the curriculum and the aim of this e-learning module is to bring these elements together in an interactive and engaging way.
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