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There are no current E-Learning Production Scheme projects.

These are our recent E-Learning Production Scheme projects. Click on the titles to find out more about them.

What do Employers Want?

School: Careers & Enterprise
Academic: Abi Gaston
Project start date: April 2019
The aim of this project is to create two 15 minute e-learning courses for UG students from QM and other UoL colleges. The material will be shared with colleagues at UoL colleges via a lesson plan and video files. All Colleges will tailor this locally and build the course locally into their own system.

Student Wellbeing Sleep Module

School: Wolfson
Academic: Catherine Marshall / Lynsey McAlpine
Project start date: April 2019
This project will develop an interactive e-learning module on sleep for medical students. The module will be part of the new MEDPRO initiative which is centred around supporting students with their wellbeing and professional development.

Interpreting Electrocardiograms

School: MBBS
Academic: Sajeev Ranmuth
Project start date: March 2019
This project will create an e-learning module where the students can interact with a virtual patient with the objectives of understanding how to setup the ECG leads, record an ECG and finally interpret the results. The objective of which, would be that each student has the chance to virtually use a machine themselves prior to or after the teaching.

Online Statistics Training

School: Researcher Development
Academic: Rui Pires Martins
Project start date: March 2019
This project is about increasing the capacity of the statistics provision for PGR research students and postdocs; an area identified as a priority from feedback and surveys. At present, face to face training does not meet demand and cannot be further increased.
• This project will create a stand-alone researcher-focused statistics resource from existing lecture materials. Although tailored to the needs of researchers, it will be accessible by anyone on QMplus.
• This resource could also be used to support the current face-to-face provision by using the videos and QMplus content to enable the instructors to explore flipped modes of teaching, and greater time for practical work in the face-to-face sessions.
• Alongside this will be the creation of a series of RD templates and work flows that will enable the RD team to get additional content – both related to this statistics course, as well as other RD provision – on to QMplus in future.

Endocrinology for the 21st Century

School: WHRI
Academic: Maralyn Druce
Project start date: March 2019
This project will enable a full update of e-learning materials for the distance-learning MSc programme in Endocrinology and Diabetes, but with materials that can also be utilised across other e-learning areas including blended-learning, campus based MSc Clinical Endocrinology and the dedicated online area for clinical trainees in the discipline. The update will improve the student experience in the discipline and will also allow the development of stand-alone, up-to-date CPD modules when enrolment and registration arrangements allow.

Baseline Standards for SEMS (Improving Student Experience)

School: SEMS
Academic: Alison Hartshorn
Project start date: March 2019
The purpose of the project is to migrate the coursework function of the SEMS intranet over to QMplus. Currently the School manages coursework through the SEMS intranet pages where assessment criteria and hand-in dates are detailed, late submission penalties administered, extensions are granted, final marks are issued and a bespoke coursework diary is produced for each student. In recent years, there has been a drive to migrate the teaching activities to QMplus to diversify the modes of delivery and introduce enhanced engagement monitoring with QEngage.

Rethinking Software Engineering Teaching (ABC)

School: EECS
Academic: Ling Ma
Project start date: January 2019
This project aims to transform the existing Software Engineering module taught in the school of Electronics, Engineering and Computer Sciences. The following content types will be developed as part of the project.
• Short animations – For important concepts introduced in lecture. 15 animations, up to 5 minutes each.
• Interactive quiz – The quiz will be used in class for instant feedback. 10 sets of quiz, each set is up to 5 questions.
• Tutorial video – For the lab (focus on using the tool, e.g. JUnit). 1 video, up to 20 minutes.
• Short videos for detailed explanation on design principle/design patterns – These videos need to be filmed, including the lecturer and the lecturer’s writing on slide/board. 5 videos, 10 minutes each.
• Programming exercises – Exercises will be supplied by the lecturer.


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