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Live from the Studio – creating engaging video with the recording booths

23 May 2016 13.00pm

As part of our drive to reach as many of the QMUL community as possible we are launching a new “Live from the Studio” series of webinars. Broadcasting for around an hour on a regular basis from the E-Learning Studio on the Mile End Campus, we hope to cover a variety of e-learning topics of interest to those at QMUL. You can either come and join us in the Studio itself (and be the Studio audience) or you can join us online. You’ll have the chance to actively participate whether you’re in the Studio in person or not. We will also record the events however we’d love you to join us live so you can take part in the proceedings.

For the first of our events, Gary Schwartz will be talking about the QMUL recording booths. You may have heard about these already but these enable you to create highly professional video content including the use of “green screen” technology allowing you to present from any location! Gary will be covering what you can do with the recording booths and the logistics of how you can go about booking them and learning to use them. He’ll also be chatting to some members of staff who’ve already made use of the booths to create their own videos. You’ll have the opportunity to put questions either to Gary or to the other staff members.

If you’d like to take part:

  • In person – come to the E-Learning Studio for 1pm. Feel free to bring your lunch!
  • Online – join the session via You won’t need to download any special software to join in, you will need speakers or headphones to hear what’s going on!

As this is our first broadcast we’d love to hear what you think of it and of the idea more generally. If you have any suggestions for future topics that you’d like to see covered, please drop us a line on

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