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Q-Review – Recording your lecture and getting it online

21 November 2014 10.00am

E-Learning Studio, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

Q-Review is QMUL’s lecture recording service. It is now installed in over 40 rooms across the University. If you are teaching a session in a Q-Review enabled room, recording that session is easy. You simply ask the room booking service to schedule a recording for you, turn up and deliver your presentation. It will capture video, audio and whatever is displayed through the projector in the room. The recordings can be easily distributed to your students through the online learning environment, QMplus, through a departmental website or simply through a link in an email.

You can also make recordings from your own computer by downloading the free “personal capture” software. You can then produce educational screencasts from anywhere you like. This is useful for producing supplementary materials for your students such as explanations of tricky concepts or revision sessions. These recordings can be published in exactly the same way as those made in Q-Review enabled rooms.

This session will introduce you to the Q-Review system and show you how to make the most of it in your teaching including:

  • How to publish your recordings through QMplus or elsewhere and control who can see them
  • How to make a recording with personal capture
  • How to edit a recording that has already been made
  • How to see who has been viewing your recordings, and which bits of your recordings they have been watching
  • How students can make use of the bookmarking and discussion features available in Q-Review

If you are interested in attending this session, please book yourself a place on our online booking system as places are limited.

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