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QMplus Administration

15 January 2016 10.30am

E-Learning Studio, CAPD, Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus

This session is aimed at staff who have administration rights on QMplus. Administration rights provide a high level of access to QMplus which allows staff to perform a number of administrative tasks which would otherwise be dealt with by Helpdesk staff.

The QMplus summer upgrade will be introducing some changes to administrative processes and it is important that staff are aware of these changes and how they can make use of them.

The session will cover:
-Managing your category
-Creating courses
-Coping with rollover and archiving
-Managing student enrolment
-New administrative features

Please note: This is not a session about general administrative tasks on QMplus such as setting up or managing assignments or grades. It is only for staff who have an overall responsibility for managing QMplus courses for their School or Department and have been assigned the “Administrator” role on QMplus.

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