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Our final staff drop-in session in the Bancroft Building

22 September 2016 13.00pm

Location: E-Learning Studio, CAPD, Third Floor Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus.

Join us for our final drop-in session in the Bancroft Building on the Mile End Campus. It will be your last chance to marvel at the luxuriant surroundings of our old E-Learning Studio. Who knows…there may even be some treats for our last visitors in our old surroundings!

After over 10 years in the Bancroft Building, the E-Learning Unit (and the whole of the CAPD) have relocated to the Scape building on the opposite side of the Mile End Road. From the week beginning 26th September, our drop-in sessions will take place in our new location. Keep an eye on the home page of the web site for further details about that. We look forward to seeing you in our lovely new surroundings (don’t forget your green cross code).

Image by Freepick on Flaticon

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