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Viewing your Skills Review Results

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For: StudentApplication: QMplus Hub , QMUL Model Skills ReviewTagged: Featured , QMplus Hub , QMUL , Skills Review

1) Log in to QMplus and select QMUL Model Skills Review from your My Modules list.

2) Click QMUL Model Skills Review.

3) Click Attempt quiz now button to begin. 

4) Read the question statements and select the answer. You can select Click here for examples if you would like to see examples of the statement.

Tip: You can minimise the Quiz Navigation by clicking the ‘Quick Navigation’ header.

5) When you reach the end of this page, click Next page to continue.

6) On the last page, click Finish attempt

7) Click Submit all and finish.

8) Click Submit all and finish in the confirmation window.

9) Select Click here to go to your Skills Review Results to see your results.

10) You can view your Skills Review Result here.

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