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Adding a Calendar

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Calendars in QMplus are very flexible and can display important information to users all in one location. This is done through the use of colour, different colours denote whether the event is relevant to the whole department, related to a specific course or if it has been created by the individual user.

Adding a Calendar to your course

The ‘Calendar’ is one of the customisable ‘Blocks’ that can be added or deleted from your course page. If the ‘Calendar’ Block is not visible on your course, it will need to be added. To add the ‘Calendar Block’:

  1. Click on the TURN EDITING ON button (top right of your screen).
  2. At the bottom right hand column on your course page is a ‘Block’ which says ‘ADD A BLOCK’. Click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Calendar’. The ‘Calendar’ will appear on your course page.

Adding an event to the ‘Calendar’

1. To add an event, click on the month in the Calendar.


2. Click on ‘New Event’.

3. Select the type of event you would like to create. Options include:

  • A User event will only be visible to the person who created the event. This could be a tutor or student.
  • A Course event will be displayed to all tutors and students on the course.
  • A Site event will not only be on this calendar but also on other course calendars across the faculty.

4. Fill out the details of the event and click ‘Save Changes’.


Reviewing your events

Check the summary of your event details (edit details using icons if necessary).

  • Return to course page using breadcrumb trail at the top of your course page.


Viewing an event on your Calendar

Any ‘Calendar’ entry will appear as a swatch of colour around the relevant date. The four different colours relate to the event category and a key for this is located at the bottom of the ‘Calendar’. Hover over a ‘Calendar’ entry to see more information, click to get additional information.


Calendar events will also be listed under the ‘UPCOMING EVENTS Block’. This ‘Block’ also has an option to create events.

Activities with due dates such as ‘Assignments’ are automatically added on the ‘Calendar’.

Tip: If the ‘UPCOMING EVENTS Block’ is not visible on your page then add it via the ‘ADD A BLOCK’ menu

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