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Question Type – Drag and drop into text

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The quiz tool in QMplus allows you to add a variety of new drag and drop questions. One type of question is the ‘Drag and drop into text’.

This guide covers:

How to create a ‘drag and drop into text question’ in a quiz.


How to create and manage a quiz

A drag and drop question type is where missing words have to be dragged into gaps in a paragraph of text.

1. Once you have created a quiz, add a new question and select ‘Drag and drop into text’ and click ‘Add’.

2. Add a ‘Question name’. In the ‘Question text’ write down the passage you would like students to fill in the gaps for. The question text must contain placeholders like [[1]] to show where the missing words go.


3. Add the answers for the missing text in the ‘Choices’. Tip: You may add extra ones to make the question harder. If you tick ‘Shuffle’ the display order will be shuffled.

Groups will allow you to group a set of answers making each group have a different background colour. Click Group 1 for a particular group of answers.


4. Under combined feedback, add a response for any answers which are correct or incorrect.


5. Fill out the options for multiple tries.


6. Click ‘Save changes’.

7. Click ‘Preview’


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