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Course Creation and Settings: Adding a Sticky Block (Admin)

This guide is for Administrators. It assumes that you have administrator rights in QMplus.

A sticky block can be added to a specific category making it appear in every page within the category. The settings allow you to manage the block depending on how you would like it to be displayed. When you edit a sticky block the changes appear across all the pages in the category (if the block has been configured to show on every page). When the block is edited or deleted at a course level, it is also edited or deleted across the whole category. The block can be added to a particular sub category or department.

Step 1: Adding a Sticky Block

  1. Log in to QMplus
  2. Navigate to a course page and ‘Turn editing on’.
  3. In the fly-down dashboard click on ‘All Modules’

3. Click on the category which your department belongs to e.g. Humanities and Social Sciences.

4. Click on the School which belongs to you e.g. School of Law.

5. You will now have the option to ‘Add a Block’ on the category page. Note: You will need to have editing turned on in order for this block chooser to appear (refer to step 2). 

6. Select the block which you would like to make ‘Sticky’ in the School e.g. HTML block.

7. An empty block will now appear on the page. 8. Click on the cog to edit the block. Then click on ‘Configure block’

9. You will now have the option to add a ‘Block title’ and ‘Content’.

You can also change ‘Page contexts’ to select where the page appears and the type of page through ‘Display on page types’. This will allow you to make the block appear on every course page in the category or any category level page.

10. The block will now appear on the page as shown below. 

11. If you would like the block to appear on all pages within the category, you must select the following options within the ‘configure block‘ settings within ‘Where this block appears‘ options:

  • Under ‘Page Contexts‘, select ‘Display on cateory: ‘your category’ and any pages within it’
  • Under ‘Display on page types‘, select ‘Any Page’
  • Then click ‘save changes‘ at the bottom of the page.

Step 2: Deleting a Sticky Block

Please note, should you delete the sticky block at course level, it will delete the block across the category too.


1. To delete the block click on the cog and select ‘Delete block’

2. You will then be notified about deleting the block from the different areas it appears in. If you have set the block to appear within any page in the category it will receive a warning statement, such as that shown below. To continue with deleting the sticky block, click ‘Yes’.

Next steps

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