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Adding a Workshop Activity

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For: StaffApplication: Design and Build , Peer Assessment , QMplus

The workshop tool in QMplus is a powerful peer assessment activity. It allows students to submit their own work and then receive a number of submissions from other students which they must assess according to the teacher’s specifications.¬†Two grades are given and appear in the Gradebook: a grade for the student’s own submission and a grade for the quality of their peer assessment skills.¬†Workshop is primarily a student-focused activity; however, as the academic you may guide the students by providing example submissions for them to try out before assessing their peers and at the end of the workshop publish some good (or less good) examples.

For a working example of a workshop activity, see the Celebrating Cultures course in the School Demonstration site. with the username teacher and password moodle.

The following guide links to Moodle Docs. We are currently using Moodle with an applied theme so it may look slightly different but the functionality remains the same.

This guide covers:

Once you have selected your preferred settings you will need to click on ‘Save and display to access further settings.

The examples above are from Moodle and although the screenshots may look different this is due to our theme.


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