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Adding Web Links

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Web links are a simple way to provide your students with relevant and trustworthy links to websites. These can be added as web links to your QMplus course page or as hyperlinks within resources and activities.

This guide covers:

  • How to add a web link to your course page

Step 1: Adding a web link to your course page

1. Click on the Turn editing on slider (top right of your screen).
2. If not already open, click on the topic where you would like to put the web link.
3. Click on the Add an activity or resource menu.

4. Select URL at the bottom of the list of resources and click Add; this will open the web link option screen. 

Step 2

The example below uses the BBC Business website to illustrate how to fill out the various text boxes and options.

1. Give the web link a name. This will be the link that the student will click on to access the web page.
2. The description is optional but can help give additional information to the student. If you want to include this on your course page then click the display description tick box.
3. Add your web link URL. You can type this in or alternatively cut and paste it from the browser’s address bar.

4. The ‘Appearance’ menu allows you to select how you would like your web page to appear. It could, for example, replace the information in your web page (open), or open in a new browser window (new window). 

5. Click SAVE AND RETURN TO COURSE to view the web link on your course page.


Course page: Viewing your new web link 

The web link now appears on your course page. In this example the description has also been displayed.

Please note that having long lists of web links on your course page can make your site confusing and difficult to navigate. Alternative methods include adding them as hyperlinks to a QMplus Page or QMplus Book

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Produced by the the Technology Enhanced Learning Team at Queen Mary University of London.

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