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Anonymous Marking (Blind Marking)

Anonymous marking allows staff to grade students’ work without the students’ names being available to the markers – helping to ensure equality and fairness. When anonymous marking is enable for an assignment, staff are not able to see student names in any of the grading and feedback screens on QMplus.

Once the students’ work has been marked, their details can then be revealed so that their names appear once again and their grades can be released.

QMplus also now allows teachers and administrators the choice of bulk downloading assignment submissions by student username and ID, or by a randomly generated participant number, when anonymous marking has been selected.

Please note:

  • If you have Administrator access to QMplus, you will always be able to see student identities. If it is important that you do not, you should switch to a Teacher or Course Administrator role in the course area with the assignment in it.

How to enable anonymous marking an assignment

You will find the setting to turn on anonymous marking in the Grade section of the settings for an assignment. It is referred to as Blind marking.

anonymous marking 2

This setting also controls anonymous marking if you have Turnitin enabled on the assignment. There is no setting for anonymous marking under the Turnitin settings.

Downloading assignments

  1. Click on the assignment’s name.
  2. Then click the ‘View/Grade all submissions’ button.
  3. The students will now appear as a randomly generated participant number in the Gradebook, as shown here: participants
  4. There are two options for downloading anonymously: by participant number or by username and ID. Once desired option has been chosen, from the Settings block, the details will be reflected in the names of the files. download types
  5. The files will then be named depending upon what option was selected; both file names
Please note that if you use the Download submissions with username and ID feature, you cannot then use the Upload multiple feedback files feature.

 Grading and giving feedback

With Anonymous submissions, students cannot see the final grade until all of the students’ names have been revealed. Rubrics will also be hidden from students’ view until the names are revealed. However, feedback comments will appear whether or not student names are hidden or revealed.

If you wish to keep feedback comments hidden along with the final grade, you will need to hide the assignment activity or enable marking workflow. 

The names will remain hidden in the assignment grading table whilst grades and feedback are left for the students. With instances of the students’ names being replaced by their participant number: feedback

Once grades and feedback have been left, the students’ identities can be revealed. Grades will then be transferred to the gradebook.

Note that the students’ identities are hidden in the assignment grading screens. Identities are not hidden in the gradebook.

Revealing student identities

It is important to remember that once student identities have been revealed, they cannot be hidden once more.

  1. To reveal the identities of the students, navigate to the assignment as before and select ‘reveal identities’ from the options in the Settings block. reveal
  2. You will now be prompted to confirm the action, by clicking confirm or cancel: confirm or cancel
  3. The students’ names will then become visible once again, as shown below: namedNb: You will not be able to see the course logs for the students on this assignment until student identities have been revealed.

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