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Assessment Info Block – Changes in Jan 2020 release

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For: StaffApplication: Assessment and Feedback (all) , QMplus

Change of behaviour after January 2020 release

Assignments that students have submitted to will have the full date and time stamp including seconds.

It is now possible to add hyperlinks in the overview section using either the “URL” option or as a hyperlink in text in a label.

  • The block automatically appears as a tab (in the majority of formats) so there is no need to Configure it to sit in Topic Zero.
  • Students will no longer see assessment items that they don’t have access to because of restrict access settings.
  • For students that are granted extensions through QMplus the due date takes this into account when showing the due date next to assessed work for students.
  • When adding a new assessment info block, it will use the next available section and therefore not create empty sections as previously.







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