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Assignments: Submitting a video assignment

Your lecturer may expect you to submit a video as a piece of assessed coursework. To do this you will first have to upload your video file and ensure it processes successfully and then submit your video for assessment through a video assignment activity in your module area on QMplus.

This guide shows you how to carry out the second part of this process, submitting your video through a video assignment link on QMplus. If you have not carried out the first part of this process, uploading your video file and ensuring it processes successfully you should see our Uploading a video to your My Media area on QMplus guide.

Submitting your video as an assignment

Go to the module area in QMplus where you are to submit the assignment and find the video assignment link. Where this link is will depend on how your lecturer has set up the module area. A video assignment link has an icon with a video camera.

What an assignment activity looks like in QMplus

Click on the video assignment link.

The add media button in the video assignment

You will see a graphic of a video camera which shows that you have not submitted anything yet. To start your submission, click on the Add media submission button.

My Media page

You will be taken to your My Media page. This lists all the media you have uploaded to QMplus. Find the video that you want to submit in this list.

If you have not uploaded your video yet, see our guide on Uploading a video to My Media area on QMplus and upload your video first, then follow the steps in this guide.

Select video to submit from your My Media area

Click on the Select button to the right of the video that you want to submit. It doesn’t really matter what size you select from the menu, we recommend you choose Medium

A dialog will pop up asking you if you wish to use this as your submission. Click on Yes please.

Check your submission

You will now see a preview page. You will see the video that you are going to submit, you can play it from here to check that it is the one that you want to submit. Then you can either:

  1. Change your submission by clicking on the Replace media button and selecting another video
  2. Make your submission by clicking on the Submit media button.

Submission successful message

After clicking the Submit media button you should see a confirmation message telling you that your submission was successful.

Whether you can change your submission after you have made it is up to your lecturer. If they have chosen to allow re-submissions, you will be able to go through this process again. If you submit the wrong video and they have not allowed re-submissions, you will have to contact them directly to ask what you should do.

Things to be aware of with video assignments

Leave yourself enough time!

Submitting a video assignment is likely to take much longer than submitting a Word document. Video files can be very large and can take a long time to upload, especially if you are not using a computer on campus. As a rough guide, it would take around 2 and a half minutes to upload a 100MB file on a standard broadband connection (with an upload speed of 6Mbps). It will take around 30 minutes to upload a 1GB file.

Also, once your file has been uploaded, it has to be processed…it’s exactly the same thing that happens when you upload a video to YouTube…it takes a little time before the file is processed and ready to view.

So, check how large your video file is and plan accordingly. Do not try to submit 5 minutes before your deadline…you are highly likely to end up submitting late!

Upload your video first and ensure it processes successfully

Although it is possible to upload your video file and submit it at the same time, we strongly recommend that you upload the file first and check that it processes successfully before you submit it.

Again, leave yourself plenty of time!

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