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Blackboard Ally – alternative formats

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Blackboard Ally allows students to download a range of alternative formats for resources stored on QMplus.

Staff and students at the University of Southampton created this short video to help show what alternative formats are, and how you can use them to aid your studies.

Where do I find alternative formats?

In QMplus, resources that have been checked will have the alternative format icon next to them:

Alternative formats icon, a black A

Choose to download one or more alternative formats that help with your method of learning.

Ally alternative format list

What if I can’t see the alternative formats icon?

Course lecturers can choose to switch off alternative formats, in which case you will get a message telling you the feature has been disabled.   This is normally done when its inappropriate to offer an alternative format or when one can not be reproduced accurately, this is often the case with equations, chemical formulae and with linguistic phonetics.

Terms of use

It is also useful to read through the Terms of Use before downloading Alternative Formats. Have a look at this video which explains what the expectations are.

More information

For more information refer to the Blackboard Ally Manual.

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Produced by the the Technology Enhanced Learning Team at Queen Mary University of London.

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