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Fixing sub-page resources after the July 2018 upgrade

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As a result of the QMplus upgrade in July 2018, sub-pages now behave differently.

The section (previously referred to as orphaned) at the bottom of the course page is now visible which means the student sees the sub page content twice which is less than desirable. QMplus has been updated so sub-pages can take account of Stealth mode. In order to fix this issue on your courses, you can manually hide the sections generated by sub-pages and make the activities and resources on the sub-page available to students.

This guide covers:

Note: Resource type “Label” does not support Stealth Mode (Make available or Make unavailable). If you are already using “Labels” on your sub-pages, we would recommend you to replace them with resource type “Page”.

Step 1: “Turn editing On” and open the sub-page, click on “Hide” icon to hide the section from students

Sub page resource snapshot

Step 2: Change each activity setting to “Make available” to make it visible to students.

Sub page resource snapshot


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