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Changing your profile picture in Blackboard Collaborate

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Your profile picture in Blackboard Collaborate is what will appear if you are not sharing video. There are a number of reasons why participants in a session may not want to or be able to share their video so having a profile picture can be one way to make a Blackboard Collaborate session a bit more personal.

You can choose to upload a picture or you can take a quick picture with your webcam.

We currently have an issue with our integration with QMplus meaning that profile pictures can only be changed when the External Tool version of Blackboard Collaborate is being used. We hope that this will be resolved soon.

Where do profile pictures appear?

Profile pictures in Blackboard Collaborate

  1. Profile pictures appear in the main content area of the Blackboard Collaborate session if people are not sharing their video
  2. Your own profile picture appears on the menu on the controls at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Profile pictures appear in the attendee list. They are too small to be of much use here.

Changing your profile picture

You can change your profile picture by opening the Collaborate panel and selecting the settings tab which appears as a cog icon.

Changing a profile picture in the settings pane

Click on the picture to the left of your name at the top and you will be prompted to either upload a file or take a picture with your webcam.

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