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Copying a group QMplus Hub page to submit as an assignment

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Some assignments set-up in QMplus require you to submit group work which has been completed in QMplus Hub. This group work will most likely need to be submitted by a nominee from each group, but to do so a personal copy of the QMplus Hub page will need to be created.

Creating a personal copy of a group-owned QMplus Hub page

  1. Log in to QMplus Hub via
  2. Navigate to the group that your collaborative work has been created in:
  3. In the following screen you may see the option to copy the page to your personal profile straight away, or this may need enabling via the settings. Please see the screenshot below:
  4. If the option appears, then click the copy button and then scroll to the bottom of the following screen to save the new copy of the page. If the copy button doesn’t appear, click on the ‘share’ button and the ability to copy can be enabled (providing you have the appropriate access):
  5. First, click on edit access via the padlock icon:
  6. Then click on ‘advanced options’ and enable the slider to ‘Yes’ for allowing copying.
  7. Once you’ve done this, scroll to the bottom of the screen and save the changes. Now when you navigate back to the group you should see the option to copy the page from the group.

Submitting your copy of the QMplus Hub page

  1. Navigate to the QMplus course area which you need to submit your QMplus Hub page to.
  2. Click on the assignment name
  3. Click add submission:
  4. Select the name of the QMplus Hub page that you wish to submit and click ‘save changes’:
  5. Click submit when you are sure that this is the correct version/page and that it is ready to submit:
  6. There is then one final change to check your submission info before you click ‘continue’ to confirm it as final & it is classed as ‘submitted’:
  7. You will now receive an email with your submission receipt.


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