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Assignments: Creating a video assignment

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This guide explains the process to add a video assignment within a QMplus course, an assignment that allows students to submit videos to be graded by the teacher. This guide is only for teachers and administrators. You will need to have teacher or administrator rights in a QMplus course area.

Adding a video assignment to your QMPlus course area

Log in to QMplus and go to the course where you wish to upload the video.Once you are in the course area click on Turn Editing On

Click on Assignment – Video’ from ‘Add a Resource or Activity’ window. See below kaltura-01


Step 3: Give the assignment a name and add description/instructions such as the length of the video, file format and file size.


Step 4: Go to Gradebook (Settings -> Grades) and ensure that a Gradebook column is created for this newly created Video Assignment.

Mark a video assignment

Step 1: Go to your QMplus course are and click on the video assignment,

Step 2: Click on Grade submissions

Step 3: On this screen, click on a video under the ‘Last Modified Submissions’ column. Play the video submission and give a grade and feedback on student’s submission by clicking on Grade under Status column.


Step 4: Go to the Gradebook and ensure that the grade appears in the Gradebook. Student can check the grade and feedback for the video submission like any other assignments, it will appear within their Gradebook.

Students submitting a video assignment-

The following steps explains the process to submit a video assignment within a QMPlus course. This guide is for students.

Step 1: Log in to QMplus and go to the course where you wish to submit your video assignment.

Step 2: Locate the video assignment and click on it.

Step 3: Upload your video file by clicking on ‘Add Media Submission’


Step 4: Click‘Add new’ and then ‘Media Upload’ then select your existing video or upload a new one.


Step 5: Add Title and Description to your uploaded video. Click on Save and then on Back to Browse and Embed. On this screen you will see your uploaded video (see below for example). Click on Select next to the video you wish to upload as an assignment.


Step 6: Click on ‘Submit Media’ and then continue. This will submit your video as an assignment.


Step 7: You will see your Grades and Feedback under your submission once your teacher has released them to you. See below for example.



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