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Creating and marking a video assignment

This guide explains the process to add a video assignment within a QMplus course, an assignment that allows students to submit videos to be graded by the teacher. This guide is only for teachers and administrators. You will need to have teacher or administrator rights in a QMplus course area.

Creating a video assignment to your QMplus course area

Step 1: Within the course module area, ‘Turn editing on’ via the slider in the top right corner of the screen.

Within the course page, click “Add an activity or resource” in the section where you want the assignment to appear.

Step 2: Choose ‘Assignment – Video’ from the list of activities and resources which appear on the right of the screen:

Click ‘Add’ and this will open the ‘Editing Assignment’ screen.


Step 3: Give the assignment a name and add description/instructions such as the length of the video, file format and file size.

Step 4:  Set the available from date and the due date. These functions can be disabled if needed. You may wish to enable late submissions and allow resubmitting of assignments.

Also, enable the ‘Email alerts to teachers’ if you would like to be notified each time a student uploads or updates their submission.

Note: A column is automatically created in the Gradebook for the video assignment once it has been created on the course. You are no longer required to create this manually.

Step 5: Save the assignment. Do not forget to click either ‘Save and return to course’ or ‘Save and display’ to finish creating/editing the assignment in the end.


Mark a video assignment

Step 1: From your course module area, click on the video assignment,

Step 2: Click on Grade submissions

Step 3: On this screen, click on a video under the ‘Last Modified Submissions’ column which you would like to grade.

Step 4: Under submission, you will see the details of the student who has submitted the assignment and the date and time of when they have submitted the assignment.  Under preview, you will be able to play the submission.

Under the options grade and feedback, you will be able to give the submission a grade and provide feedback for the submission.

Step 5: Go to the Gradebook and ensure that the grade appears in the Gradebook. Student can check the grade and feedback for the video submission like any other assignments, it will appear within their Gradebook.

Please refer your students to this guide to submit their video assignments. We recommend that you add the link to this guide ( within the description of your video assignment.

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