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Creating a framework using the KSB mapping tool

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The KSB mapping tool enables a student to demonstrate the knowledge, skill and behavior they have achieved based on the criteria provided to them.

How to create a mapping

  1. Login to QMplus Hub and then click on the create option.
  2. From the pages and collections, click on the ‘Add‘ option. Then click on the ‘Page‘ option.
  3. Enter a suitable title and description for the page. Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the save option.
  4. Once the page has been added, you will see a confirmation message to say the page has been created. Now click on the ‘+‘ icon found on the right hand side of the option.
  5. Using the drop down choose where you would like the block to be added. Then click on the ‘Add‘ option.
  6. Enter a title for the block and then choose KSB mapping for the content type. Then click on the save option.
  7. Once the KSB mapping block has been added, click on the ‘Add’ option to create the bundle.
  8. This will create the bundle which can be re-named if required. To add additional bundles, click on the ‘+’ icon found at the bottom of the first bundle. Once all the required bundles have been added, click on the create option.
  9. Click on the view mapping to see a preview of the mapping.

How to share the mapping with others

  1. To share the mapping, enter the username of the member of staff or student in the share option. Then click on the save option.
  2. They will now be able to see the page you have shared under their pages and collection page.

How to view a student mapping

  1. To view a student mapping go to the portfolio option and then click on pages and collections. Then click the title of the portfolio where you have added the KSB mapping.
  2. Search for the student using the user drop down. You can then see the evidence bundle they have completed. The KSB they have added evidence for will be highlighted.
  3. Click into the KSB criteria to view the evidence the student has added.


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