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Creating a student magazine in QMplus Hub using newsfeeds from student journals

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For: Staff and StudentsApplication: QMplus Hub

Basically students post articles to the journal in their personal portfolio in QMplus Hub, then they share this journal on a publicly viewable page. An RSS feed from each journal is then added to a page created in a group that they all belong to.

This document contains instructions on how to:

  • Add a journal to a page
  • Adding an RSS feed from a journal to a group page

It assumes you know:

  • How to create and share a journal
  • An introduction to ‘QMplus Hub’

Before you start

Create a class group and add all the class members.

Step 1: Add a journal to a page

1. Select ‘Pages‘ from the Portfolio dropdown menu.

2. Click the Add button followed by the Page button to create a page

3. Give your page a name e.g. ‘My Learning journal’.  

3. Expand layout and select a layout. In this case, a 3 column layout is selected.

4. Click Save

5. Open the Journals menu from the vertical content chooser menu and click on the ‘Journal’ artefact.

6. Choose a cell position for the journal depending on your layout.


7. From the dialogue box that appears:
a. select the journal you wish to embed on your page.
b. decide how many entries to display on a page (the default is 5).
Then click Save.


8. Your journal should now be embedded onto your page.

Now we are going to share the page with the general public. By doing this we need to enable an RSS feed that we can use to create our magazine.

You can read more about RSS feeds here.

9. Navigate to ‘Share page’.


10. Select Share with: Public under General. Public access will be added to the right hand side of the page. (see screenshot below). The click SAVE.


11. You will now need to navigate back to your saved page. You will now see the white RSS feed logo next to your Journal on the page. Clicking on this icon generates the RSS feed for your journal. We need the URL of the RSS feed to help create the magazine.


Here is the resulting page you see when you click on the orange icon. The address of the RSS feed is in the browser address bar.


12. Copy the URL of this page (i.e the RSS feed) to your clipboard.

Step 2: Adding an RSS feed from a journal to a group page

Now we will add the RSS feed from the previous step to the news page for your group.

1. Navigate to the Magazine page in your group. If you haven’t already set one up then ask the administrator of the group to set it up for you.

2. Select ‘Edit this page’ to turn editing on.

3. From the ‘Edit content’ menu select ‘External Feed’ from the General tab in the vertical chooser.


2. Drag the block onto the page (left mouse click and drag). When the dialogue box opens place the URL of your feed into the ‘Feed location’ box. Change the ‘items to show’ to 1 (i.e the latest post) and show feed items in full. Then click save. If you wish to rename the block then add a title (e.g. your name) If you don’t then the default name for your journal becomes the name of the block.


Here is what your new magazine page might look like:


And here it is with two entries:


All the students in the group can now add their RSS feeds into a new block on the page.

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