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Create a video quiz with QMplus Media

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QMplus Media allows you to construct simple video quizzes out of recordings you have uploaded. A QMplus Media video quiz simply allows you to define places in your video where you can stop and ask the viewer to answer questions. This can break up your video and provide “thinking points” for your viewers at various stages. Anyone, staff and students, can create a video quiz. All you need is a video which you want to make into a quiz. You will have to have uploaded this video to QMplus Media before you can make it into a quiz.

Adding a Video Quiz to your QMplus course area –

Step 1: Log in to QMplus and go to the course where you wish to upload the video quiz. Once you are in the course area click ‘Turn Editing On’ pencil icon on the upper right hand side of the page:

Step 2: Select the topic where you would like your video quiz to be displayed and click ‘Add an activity or resource.’ As shown below:


Step 3: Click ‘Add New’ and then select ‘Video Quiz’


Step 4: Select a previously uploaded video and scroll the video to a point where you want to add the quiz questions.

Step 5: Click on the plus (+) sign


Step 6: Add question. Type the correct answer with some wrong answer(s)


You can shuffle the answers by clicking on the shuffle button. shuffle-answers

You can also Add a hint or add an explanation for the correct answer.


The video quiz will not be assessed and will not be stored in Gradebook. The quiz is used for interactive purposes for students.

Step 7: Click ‘Save’ then ‘Back to Browse and Embed’

Step 8: ‘Select’ the newly created video quiz you would like to upload. A new window will appear, you can cancel and upload a different video or ‘Embed’ the video you have selected. As seen below:


Step 9: Click ‘Save and Return to Course’

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