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Creating an Assignment for Physical Coursework

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For: StaffApplication: Assessment and Feedback (all) , QMplus

This guide covers:

How to create an assignment for physical coursework submission to allow students to download a coversheet containing a QR code which they attach to their work. The first few steps are exactly the same as those required to create a standard QMPlus assignment. Instructions specific to physical coursework submission start from step 5. If you are familiar with the previous steps, please feel free to skip straight to step 5

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How to set up an assignment for physical coursework

Step 1: Within the course module area, ‘Turn editing on’ via the slider in the top right corner of the screen.

Within the course page, click “Add an activity or resource” in the topic/section where you want the assignment to appear.


Step 2: Choose ‘Assignment’ from the list of activities and resources which appear on the right of the screen:

Click ‘Add’ and this will open the ‘Editing Assignment’ screen.

Step 3: Provide a name and a description for the assignment, plus tick the check-box if you would like to ‘Display description on course page.’

Step 4: In ‘Availability’, set the available date, due date, and cut-off date for the assignment. All three functions can be disabled if needed.

The cut-off date allows late submissions from the student. Once enabled and set to a date on or after the due date, students will not be able to submit after this date without an extension. The teacher may grant an extension by going to the class assignment grading screen, clicking the “Edit” column and choosing “grant extension” for the relevant student.
In this way, module conveners do not have to change settings for the entire assignment or create another assignment to enable late submission for particular students (under extenuating circumstances for example).


Step 5: Select submission type of the assignment. You will now see 5 types available on QMplus:  File submissions, QMplus Hub portfolio submissions, online audio recordings, online text and Coursework coversheet submission.

Select Coursework coversheet submission.

submission typesOnce selected students will not be able to upload any files, but will now only have the option to download a coversheet.

Step 6: Submission settings

As there will be no electronic submission, the submission settings should be set to not require students to click the submit button as shown in the image below

Physical Coursework Submission Settings


Step 7: Save the assignment. Do not forget to click either ‘Save and return to course’ or ‘Save and display’ to finish creating/editing the assignment in the end.

Information on Additional Settings: Electronic submission are not permitted with this feature, many of the other settings are redundant.  The redundant options are the Turnitin Plagiarism option, which should remain set to no, and the Blind Marking setting. It is still possible to use the access restriction to allow only some of your students to see the assignment, if you so wish.

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