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Creating interactive activities with H5P

H5P is a rather odd name for a useful feature of QMplus. H5P allows you to to quickly and easily create a variety of different interactive activities through an easy to use user interface.

There are almost 40 different content types available and more are always being added. Some of the types include:

  • Course presentation – create an interactive presentation
  • Timeline – create an interactive timeline including images and video
  • Image pairing and image sequencing activities
  • Image hotspot activities

This guide covers how to add an H5P activity to your QMplus area and start configuring it.

While H5P is a great tool, there are a number of issues with H5P content that you should be aware of…in particular it should not be used for summative assessment. Please see the section at the end of this guide for more information.

What is H5P?

H5P is an open source project which provides tools to make it easy to create interactive content. H5P content can be integrated into a wide variety of websites and we have integrated it into QMplus via a plugin which provides a new activity type in the resource and activity picker.

This new activity type allows you to create a wide variety of different interactive activities for your students. The user interface for setting up the activities is relatively straightforward, some content types are more complicated than others.

This is an example of an H5P content type called "Agamotto" It allows you to scroll through some images to see how the user interface of QMplus has changed over the years.

More information about H5P can be found on the website including a list of the content types along with tutorials and examples.

How to create an H5P activity

As each H5P activity is different, the details of configuring them vary from activity to activity. The process of adding an activity to your QMplus area is, however, always the same.

First turn editing on. Go to the place in your course area where you want to add the activity and click the Add an activity or resource link. Then choose the Interactive content item and add it.

Once you have added the item, you will be on the activity settings page where you will see the H5P content selector

H5P Item selection

Here you can scroll through, or search for, the content type that you want to use. You can:

  1. Select the content type you want to use by clicking anywhere other than the Details button.
  2. Select Details to find out more about the content type

Once you have selected the content type you want, you will see the configuration options for that type. These vary greatly from type to type.

At the top of the configuration options, you will see links that will take you to tutorials and examples which will help you to set up this particular type. These are all on the website.

Once you have configured the content type, scroll down and select Save and display to see what it looks like.

Issues to be aware of

While H5P is a great tool, there are a number of things you should bear in mind when using it:

  • Summative assessment – It is not suitable for summative assessment – even though H5P activities can be graded, the way H5P works means it is not secure and therefore shouldn’t be used for summative assessment.
  • Range of content types supported on QMplus – The range of content types available on QMplus is not necessarily the same as those listed on the H5P website. H5P is a plugin for QMplus and we may not be using the version that gives us the most up to date content types. For this reason, we don’t recommend trying to upload H5P content to QMplus which was created elsewhere. We may not be using the same versions of H5P and therefore it may not work.
  • Accessibility – There are potentially accessibility issues with using H5P. Some of the content types are not accessible from a technical perspective. Also, as with any multimedia, you need to consider how accessible the activity is even from a non-technical perspective. This does not necessarily mean you shouldn’t use the activity but you may have to think of alternative presentations.
  • H5P activity gradebook items – If you create an H5P activity, an item will always be created in the gradebook for it, no matter whether you intend using a grade or not. If this is annoying, you can create a category in your gradebook to put all your H5P activities in to. This will allow you to hide them.

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