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*Getting started with QMplus Media*

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What is QMplus Media?

You can think of QMplus Media a little like a QMUL version of YouTube. It is dedicated to the hosting and delivery of multimedia content, especially video and audio. It can cope with large files and with delivering that content to a potentially large number of users, on a variety of devices ensuring a good end user experience. QMplus Media allows both staff and students to upload media content and then share that content with others through a variety of different mechanisms. QMplus Media, as its name suggests, integrates seamlessly with QMUL’s online learning environment, QMplus, making it easy for staff and students to share multimedia content through there. It is, however, also possible to share content outside of QMplus.

What does it do?

  • allows uploading and streaming of videos via QMplus without any additional login
  • allows content to be uploaded from mobile devices
  • allows streaming of videos on all major devices (mobile, tablet and computers)
  • ensures the security of confidential and/or sensitive media content
  • enables the delivery of multimedia content to low bandwidth locations, particularly to international distance-learning students
  • assists in overcoming the issues of copyright, IPR, privacy and (patient) confidentiality

Using QMplus Media makes using multimedia in learning and teaching simple and accessible.

What do I need to know before I use this service?

You need to make sure that you understand the copyright implications before you use this service. You should also familiarise yourself with the ‘Terms and Conditions’ of this service. Please visit this page and read the information carefully. If you are recording another person then please make sure that they sign the consent form.

How do I use it?

You can use QMplus Media in the following ways –

Some questions about QMplus Media

Why can’t I just upload my videos to QMplus?
There are two main reasons why uploading videos to QMplus isn’t a good solution:

  1. QMplus is not designed for hosting multimedia files. This means that while it is possible to upload video files to QMplus, it is not designed to be able to serve that content to users in an efficient manner. QMplus Media is designed for this and can cope with many users trying to access the content at the same time on all sorts of different devices over different types of internet connection.
  2. It is expensive and inefficient to store large files on QMplus and video tends to create large files. When these large files are stored on QMplus, it can start to have an impact on the day to day running of the system. Keeping large files off QMplus wherever possible makes the system more efficient.
Why can’t I just use YouTube for my videos?
You can use YouTube for your video content if you wish. If you are interested in getting your content shared beyond QMUL and you don’t have any issues with confidentiality or copyright compliance then YouTube might be a better solution for you. However, if you don’t want to have a YouTube account or you need to limit who can view your content, QMplus Media is a better solution. If you are a member of staff and you want to use video with your students, using QMplus Media means that students don’t need to set up YouTube accounts and their content is hosted on a QMUL-owned system. This can be particularly important if you want to use video for assessment purposes. YouTube is also blocked in some countries.
What’s the difference between QMplus Media and Q-Review?
Q-Review is our institutional lecture recording system. Q-Review provides an end-to-end solution for capturing live teaching through specialist equipment installed in teaching rooms across QMUL. It allows recordings to be scheduled centrally and the recordings to be made available automatically through QMplus without teaching staff having to do anything. QMplus Media does not have any of this functionality.

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