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Setting up a QMplus Hub portfolio as an assignment

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QMplus Hub is the e-portfolio and group working tool available to staff and students at QMUL. One of the features of the tool is that portfolio pages created in QMplus Hub can be submitted as assignments in QMplus using the standard QMplus assignment activity.

Setting up the assignment on QMplus

In the QMplus module area where you wish to add the assignment, turn editing on, navigate to the topic where you wish to put the assignment and click the Add an activity or resource link.

Either double click the Assignment item or select it and then click the Add button.

The assignment settings for this type of assignment are very similar to those of a standard assignment. The only difference is in the settings for the submission type.

  1. Make sure that the QMplus Hub portfolio option is checked.
  2. Decide whether you want the pages to be locked when they are submitted. If the pages are locked, this means that the students cannot make changes to them until they have been marked and released again.

The other assignment settings work in the same way as for standard assignments and so are not covered in this guide.

How students submit their assignments

The assignment submission process for this type of assignment is very similar to that of a standard assignment. The students create their page(s) on QMplus Hub and when they are ready they go to the course area on QMplus, find the assignment link and select the QMplus Hub pages they want to submit.

  1. This section lists the QMplus Hub pages that this student can submit
  2. This section lists the QMplus Hub collections that this student can submit. QMplus Hub collections consist of a number of pages so you can allow for multi-page submissions
  3. If the student has a lot of pages and collections they can use the search function to find the one they want to submit.

The student selects the page or the collection that they want to submit and then click the Save changes button and proceed with the submission in the same way as with a standard assignment.

What it looks like when they have submitted

Once a student has submitted their page, the view of the submission is very similar to that of a standard assignment submission.

The submission screen looks the same as for a standard submission. When you click on the submission, you will be taken to the student’s page on QMplus Hub.

This is an example of what you might see for a QMplus Hub page submission. In this case there is a profile block and an entry from a QMplus Hub journal. If you have selected to lock the pages during submission, the student will not be able to make any changes to these pages until you have marked and released them.

You can use the usual range of feedback features such as feedback files, marking guides or rubrics.

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