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Course creation and Settings: How can I request a new QMplus course to be created (including test and practice areas)?

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For: StaffApplication: Administering your module , QMplus

Note: This guide is relevant until mid-August 2022. Guidance relevant to the new QMplus theme will then be available here

New courses can be created through staff with Administrator access to QMplus, such as your departmental/school e-learning technologists, or by making a request through the Helpdesk.

Course areas can be useful for practicing in, without the worry of users seeing changes taking place and receiving erroneous notifications.

Before requesting for a QMplus course area to be created,

1. Login to QMplus and click on the search option2. Select ‘All Modules’ and then type in the course code or course title of the course

Members of staff can request a new course to be created on QMplus by opening a ticket through theĀ Helpdesk.

When making the request, you should provide the following information:

  1. The course title – What you want your course area to be called. If the course area is for a module registered on the central student record system (SITS), we will give the course area on QMplus the same name.
  2. Where you would like the course area to be located. (e.g. should it be for staff you may wish to have it created under a category called staff courses, or simply under your School’s category).
  3. How students will get access to your course area – we can automatically enrol students on a particular module code or codes, on a particular program or in a particular department. You can also manage enrolment manually if you wish.
  4. Other members of staff that require access to the course area. By default, we will enrol the person making the request as the teacher on the course area. You can ask for other members of staff to be enrolled, or as a teacher, you can enrol them yourself by following the instructions in the ‘How can I give people access to my course?‘ FAQ.


Did this answer your query? If not, you can raise a ticket on the online Helpdesk or email: . Alternatively you can also request a particular guide or highlight an error in this guide using our guides request tracker.

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