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How do I bulk download assignments?

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There may be times when you wish to download all of the submissions made for a particular assignment on QMplus for example for offline marking or to keep a backup of the students submissions. QMplus provides a number of ways in which you can do this. The methods vary in how the downloaded files are named and which method is best will depend on your particular circumstances.

It is also possible to bulk download assignment submissions by group, allowing for an extra level of control.

Finding the bulk download options

Assignment activityFind the assignment you want to download the submissions for and click on it, you do not need to have editing turned on.

settings menu

In the settings block on the right of the screen you will find two options. These two options vary in terms of the names that the downloaded files will have:

  1. Download all submissions – this option will download all the submissions with the filename of each submission including the students’ full names or a randomly generated id number (if you are using blind/anonymous marking)
  2. Download all submissions (username and id) – this option will download all the submissions with the filename including the students’ QMplus user name and student number. The result of using this option is the same whether you are using blind/anonymous marking or not.

For both of the options, the process is the same. After clicking on the option, a zip file containing the submission files will be downloaded to your computer. Be aware that this file may be very large, particularly if you have a large number of students enrolled on your QMplus area.

Some examples

To illustrate the differences in the options, here are some examples.

Download all submissions

download standard

This example shows submissions downloaded with the Download all submissions option. In this case the filenames include:

  • The student’s full name
  • An internal QMplus id number. This number is not related to the student’s id number
  • The filename of the original submission

Download all submissions with anonymous/blind marking turned on

download anonymous

If your assignment is configured to use blind marking, the filenames of the downloaded files will be slightly different. Instead of containing the student’s name, they will include the word “Participant” and a randomly generated id number. These are the same identifiers that appear in the grading screen for the assignment.

grading screen anonymous

Download all submissions (username and id)

download with user id

You can use this option whether or not you have blind marking enabled for the assignment. In this case, the names of the downloaded files include:

  • The student’s QMplus user name
  • The student’s ID number
  • The filename of the original submission
Please note that if you use this option to download submissions, you cannot use the Upload multiple feedback files in a zip feature.

Downloading by group

If you are dealing with large numbers of students, you can organise them into groups in the QMplus area and then download submissions by group.


This screenshot shows an assignment that has been set up in a QMplus area where the students have been organised into groups. I can select the group I am interested in from the dropdown and then the display will change to show:

  1. How many students are in this group
  2. How many students in this group have submitted their assignment

Using the download submissions options with the group filter applied will only download the submissions for the students in this group.

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