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Turnitin – How do I download a student’s Turnitin assignment receipt?

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Note: This guide is relevant until mid-August 2022. Guidance relevant to the new QMplus theme will then be available here

When students submit an assignment through QMplus, they receive a number of notifications:

  1. A notification of successful submission to QMplus
  2. A notification of successful submission to Turnitin

How they receive these notifications depends on how they have configured their messaging preferences in QMplus. By default, the notifications will be sent by email to their QMUL email addresses.

It is not possible for anyone other than the student to obtain a copy of these notifications. It is possible for a teacher to obtain a copy of the Turnitin digital receipt, however it is worth remembering that this is not the information that is sent to the student in the notification that they get on submitting.

If you would like more detail on what is in the notifications that get sent to students, please see our Submission receipts for assignments guide for students.

This guide covers:

  • How to download a copy of a student’s Turnitin digital┬áreceipt

Assignment on QMplus
Navigate to the assignment on QMplus that you are interested in and click on it. You do not need to have editing turned on.

Assignment overview screen

Click on the View/grade all submissions button.

Student submission details

Find the student you are interested in in the grading table and click on the Turnitin similarity score block. This will open the Turnitin document viewer, this may take a few seconds.

Print icon in document viewer

At the bottom of the document viewer screen, click on the printer icon and then select Download PDF of digital receipt for printing.

Turnitin digital receipt

You will then have a PDF of the digital receipt which will look something like the above.

Remember this is not a copy of the notification that gets sent to the student when they submit their assignment. The student will only see this receipt if they have chosen to download it themselves.

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