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How do I extend a Turnitin Assignment class?

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This guide covers:

  • How do I extend a Turnitin Assignment class?

It assumes that you have Course Administrator access on the course

When a Turnitin assignment is created within QMplus, a Turnitin class is usually created if one does not already exist. The class has a default end date which is six months from the creation date or can be set to the latest post date for the Turnitin assignment in the class.

Once the end date is reached, the class becomes expired which means any submissions in the class becomes read only. Although the default class end date cannot be changed when creating the Turnitin assignment, it can be extended as follow:

  1. Login to QMplus
  2. Navigate to your course
  3. Open a Turnitin assignment in that course
  4. Click on the edit icon
  5. On the following screen, click submit without making any changes

This will cause the class end date to be extended so the class becomes active again.

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