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How do I show/hide my QMplus course area to make it available/unavailable to students?

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For: StaffApplication: Administering your module , QMplus

Note: This guide is relevant until mid-August 2022. Guidance relevant to the new QMplus theme will then be available here

When course areas are created or rolled-over, they are initially unavailable to students. This allows course convenors time to populate them with appropriate teaching materials before making them available to students. There are also settings which are configurable to allow enrolments via SITS and options to allow access for certain date ranges, which we list below.

This guide covers:

Hiding or revealing your course area

  1. Once your course area is ready for students to access it, it will need to be made available by setting the ‘course visibility’ to ‘show’. To do so, click on ‘edit settings’ in the Settings block: 
  2. Navigate down the options for the course area’s settings and click on the ‘course visibility’ options to select ‘show’:
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘save and display’ 

4. To hide the course, one can choose the ‘hide’ option and students will be able to search for the course area, but it shall appear as unavailable – greyed out and an obscured eye icon to the side of it: 

Other things to consider:

(Course start/end date)

When new courses are created, a start date is given to the QMplus area. If the date is set to a future date, the course area shall be unavailable to students and the students will not be enrolled to it until it becomes ‘live’.

  1. To change the date of your course area, click on ‘edit settings’ in the Settings block
  2. Navigate to ‘course start date’ and amend the date to ensure that students have access when they require it from (a course start date of years’ ago vs yesterday has no effect on the course) 
  3. Once the start date has been set, scroll to the bottom of the page and click ‘save and display’ to save the changes. 

Course ID

There are a number of ways that students may be enrolled to a course area, however enrolments via SITS or course mappings will require the ‘course ID’ field to be populated and correct. To check whether this is present, one can click on ‘edit settings’ in the Settings block and see this info underneath. 


It is important that this course ID code does not clash with that in other QMplus course areas otherwise the enrolments for both courses will break. If you have any questions about the course ID field, feel free to contact us via or via The Helpdesk

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