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How do I view my assignment feedback using Gradesplus?

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This guides aims to provide you information on how to access Gradesplus and how to view your grades and feedback for a submitted assignment.

1. Login to QMplus and from the flydown dashboard, click on Gradesplus. 2. Find your assignment and click on the drop down icon (1).

    • From the Activity column, click on the link to view your submission status (2).
    • The Grade column will display the grade you have received for the assignment (3).
    • From the Feedback column, click on ‘View Feedback’ to see your feedback for the assignment (4).
    • From the Grades Histogram column, click on ‘View Histogram’ to see the histogram (5).
    • To view the course you submitted the assignment for, click on ‘View Course’ and to access the gradebook, click on ‘View Gradebook’ (6).

3. When you click on ‘View Feedback‘ it will open up a new window where you can read your feedback comments provided by your teacher.4. When you click on ‘View Histogram‘ it will open up a new window with histograms to show your grade and performance compared to your peers.


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