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Defining how quiz questions behave

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Within QMplus there are a number of settings that can be applied to questions within quizzes. Quiz questions can be set so that students have unlimited attempts in order to get an answer correct, multiple attempts can be permitted (with restrictions) or only single attempts are permitted.

Feedback options can also be selected to reflect the question settings that have been applied. These options are available under the ‘Question Behaviour’ section within the quiz settings.

This guide covers:

ItĀ assumes that:

You already know how to set up a quiz activity (see ‘A basic overview of how to create and manage a quiz‘)

Finding the question behaviour settings

The quiz behaviour settings can be found in the settings for the quiz.


The most commonly used settings

The two most commonly used settings are:

  1. Deferred feedback – Students must enter an answer to each question and then submit the entire quiz, before anything is graded or they get any feedback.
  2. Interactive mode – After submitting one answer, and reading the feedback, the student has to click a ‘Try again’ button before they can try a new response. Once the student has got the question right, they can no longer change their response. Once the student has got the question wrong too many times, they are just graded wrong (or partially correct) and get shown the feedback and can no longer change their answer. There can be different feedback after each try the student makes.

Other more advanced options

  • Adaptive mode – Allows students to have multiple attempts at the question before moving on to the next question. The question can adapt itself to the student’s answer, for example by giving some hints before asking the student to try again.
  • Manual grading – Used for essay questions (irrespective of what the quiz is set to) but you can now choose to have every question in the quiz manually graded, if you wish.
  • Immediate feedback – Similar to interactive mode in that the student can submit their response immediately during the quiz attempt, and get it graded. However, they can only submit one response, they cannot change it later.
  • Deferred feedback or Immediate feedback with Certainty-based marking (CBM) – With CBM, the student does not only answer the question, but they also indicate how sure they are they got the question right. The grading is adjusted by the choice of certainty, so that students have to reflect honestly on their own level of knowledge in order to get the best mark.
  • Each attempt builds on the last If multiple attempts are allowed and this setting is set to ‘Yes’, then each new attempt contains the results of the previous attempt. This allows the student on the new attempt to concentrate on just those questions that were answered incorrectly on the previous attempt. If this option is chosen then each attempt by a particular student.

Further information

You can read more on theĀ Question behaviours page on the Moodle Docs website

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