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Groups and Groupings: How to bulk upload users into a course or users into groups

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Note: This guide is relevant until mid-August 2022. Guidance relevant to the new QMplus theme will then be available here

This is primarily used to give staff access to courses in QMplus, but these instructions can also be used to give a large number of students access to a course area or to enrol them into groups within the course. Use the same instructions even if the user already has an account.

This guide covers:

It assumes that:

  • You have Administrator or Teacher access to the appropriate course area on QMplus


Step 1: How to create a spreadsheet to upload users

A spread sheet is needed to bulk enrol users onto individual modules in QMplus. The example below shows the format of the spreadsheet which needs to be created to enrol the user onto a particular course. More users could be added in the rows below.


Produce a spread sheet using the following headings as shown in the example above and add user details under the correct heading. If you’re using their username then use the heading ‘login’, if you’re using their email addresses then use the heading ’email’. If you are not enrolling users into a group, you do not need the second column.

email/ login

For bulk requests, it is best if these are details are provided from the course administrator of the School.


To upload users into a group, add the name of the group you would like to enrol users to into the ‘group’ column. If the group does not exist in the course then it will be created once the spread sheet is uploaded.

After typing each detail in the spreadsheet make sure you do NOT add spaces as the file could incur problems during upload. Save the spread sheet as a CSV file.

Step 2: Enrolling users into QMplus course areas

  • In QMplus, search and select the course you would like to bulk enrol users into.
  • In the course page, under Settings, click on Users > Bulk enrolments.

In Bulk enrolments,

  • Under File location drag and drop the CSV file created earlier.

  • Change the Role to assign to Student (or the preferred role)
  • Change the First column contains to Login (if you have entered the users email addresses in the first column you could alternatively select this option).
  • If the users need to be enrolled into a particular group or grouping select yes for the options Create groups if needed and Create groupings if needed.
  • Once you have made these changes click Enrol them to my course.

You will then see a list of all the users that have been enrolled onto their courses as shown below.

  • Click Continue.

Next steps

This guide covers how to bulk upload users into a course or users into groups, you might be interested in reading the following guides on bulk uploads:

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